Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kawasan Rekreasi Sungai Inki, Kalumpang, Sept 2012

Dear Diary,

Stuffed with nasi lemak and bihun goreng, we continued our journey to Kawasan Rekreasi Sungai Inki in Kalumpang and arrived there around noon. We straightaway went to Abah’s friend’s chalet, Chalet Keluarga Sakri. It is located at the end of rows of chalets at Sungai Inki recreational area.

To get there, first we must cross over the river using a hanging bridge.

Chalet Keluarga Sakri is a nicely landscaped chalet with camping areas, picnic areas, accommodation and praying room. There’re also farm animals running around much to the kids delight.

Sungai Inki is one of the many rivers in Hulu Selangor district. When we arrived at the recreational area, there were already many people around. Some were eating, some were in the water, some were cooking or barbecuing, some were talking, some were sleeping and others were just lazing in the sun. Kids were full with laughter playing in the water.

At the entrance of Sungai Inki picnic area, there are some stalls selling snacks, beverages and pelampung (life buoy). There’re also toilets for visitors’ usage with RM0.50 charge per entry. Parking spaces are very limited.

The clear river water is refreshingly cool with shallow and deep spots to suit your preferences. Be careful too because some of the rocks are slippery. One thing sad is that there were rubbish in the water and also in the picnic area. It’s such a pity when picnickers littered and dirtied this beautiful place. I can’t fathom Malaysians’ way of thinking and social ethics. Dustbins are everywhere but still these uncivic-minded people throw rubbish and everything unwanted just about anywhere they like.

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