Friday, May 28, 2010

The First Entry

Dear Diary,

Ever since I read my friend’s blog, I’ve fallen in love with the world of blogging. Along the way, somehow I also develop an interest to start my own blog. But a tiny little voice in me keeps questioning my intention…will I be good at this? Well, belum cuba belum tahu, right. The worse that can happen is I’d suck at blog writing. Finally, after much consideration I gathered enough courage to start unaizah’s diary. For this, I thank Miss Ermayum for introducing me to blogging and encouraging me to give it a try.

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What will I write? For me, writing a blog is like keeping a diary. Hmm in that case, I’ll share my memories, experiences, thoughts, hopes and dreams. I’ll just write whatever interests me. This is my diary so everything I jot down is my opinion.

So, here goes my attempt into blogging….

4 notes of inspiration:

ERMAYUM said...

tq to you :)
link my name dear :) , i am ermayum not eda in the blogging world 0- i am igcognito hehe

Zakian Sulhi said...

ciayok2 kakak!hahah

A-Nut said...

You are doing great ! Keep on writing ... I have one which I started writing way back in 2004 !!!

I write nonsense stuff in my blog and I really mean it ... Real nonsense ... :P Just be prepared OK :

Take care,

unaizah said...

Ermayum - changed to yr cybername dear...

Kian - thanks...i'm trying to keep up

A-Nut - thanks dear. i think i know who u r. do visit my blog n drop a few lines...