Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Api = Fire / Lamp

Dear Diary,

This was a scenario on one fine evening in the last fasting month. A mother was cooking kuih cara manis while her children were playing in the living room. In the last batch of baking, she left the kuih cara on the stove and attended to her youngest child.

After a while, she called out to her eldest child, “Abang, tolong tutup api jap.”

Her son obediently went and did what his mother asked him to do.

Minutes later, all the noses in that household smelled something burnt. Instinctively, the mother went to the kitchen to check what happened as any people would do.

Suddenly she burst into a big laugh and said, “Abang, abang, Mama suruh mu tutup api dapur gas bukan lampu dapur.” At the same time as she was scooping up her burnt kuih cara.

* Api which literally means fire can also mean lamp.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dari Jauh Kupohon Maaf

Dear Diary,

My favorite raya song in my university days was Dari Jauh Kupohon Maaf by Sudirman. Hearing this song then would make me remember my family, hometown and everything in Malaysia. Sometimes it brought tears to my eyes. It was synonym with my situation.


Dalam dingin subuh hatiku terusik
Kenang nasib diri di rantauan
Bergema takbir raya menitis air mata
Terbayang suasana permai desa

Rindu hati ini inginku kembali
Pada ayah bonda dan saudara
Tetapi aku harus mencari rezeki
Membela nasib kita bersama

( chorus )
Hanya ku sampaikan doa dan kiriman tulus ikhlas
Dari jauh kupohonkan ampun maaf
Jangan sedih pagi ini tak dapat kita bersama
Meraikan aidilfitri yang mulia

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Hingga aku pulang kepadamu

( repeat chorus)

Restu ayah bonda kuharap selalu
Demi anakmu yang kini jauh

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Safely Home

Dear Diary,

We have safely arrived in my hometown around 4am last morning. Traffic was smooth even though there were many vehicles on the highway. We stopped at Hentian Bukit Gantang for a nap and also in Seberang Jaya to drop off a relative.

Imran and Zarra are overjoyed to balik kampung and meet up with their cousins. They’ve been playing all day long. My parents are also happy that we’re home for raya.

Can’t wait for Aidilfitri to arrive…

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jom Balik Raya!

Dear Diary,

Salam semua.. Malam ni kami nak balik kampung dah. Lepas bukak posa kami bertolak. Tok Mak & Tok Pak dok tunggu dah tu. Pak Su, Pak Ngah, Mak Ngah, Pak Lang & Mak Lang siap duit raya na. Tok Ngah, Tok Ban, Tok Lang & Tok Yang masak sedap-sedap tau nanti kami nak pi beraya. Duit raya jangan lupa hihihi.


Ps: Drive carefully peeps…& Selamat Hari Raya semua

Bistro Delifrance, Sungei Wang Plaza, May 2011

Dear Diary,

Remember I went to watch Nur Kasih The Movie all by myself. After the movie ended, my stomach growled for food. I looked for the nearest and fastest solution – Delifrance. It has been ages since I last savored Delifrance’s food, so I thought why not rekindle the old flames.

Initially I craved for Quiche but unfortunately they were not available that day; so, I ordered Pasta Paloma Gratin and Iced Peach Tea instead. Both left me full and contended. As always, Delifrance never fails me.

Address: Lot C21, Concourse Level, Sungei Wang Plaza 111, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL

Tel/Fax: (03) 2145 0575


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irfan's Chattering

Dear Diary,

Salam penghujung Ramadan semua.

Saya Irfan, ni blog Mama saya tapi hari ni saya nak enter frame jap. Mama lambat sangat update pasal saya. Asyik-asyik cerita pasal abang and kakak je. Sekali-sekala saya nak gak jadi star. Sebab tu hari ni saya take over tulis entry pasal diri sendiri.

Ok, lets see…last Mama update pasal saya dah laaaama dah. Time tu saya baru 6 bulan. Kita sambung dari situ ye.

Kakak pegang pinggan la tu, mesti gi kat kakak

6 bulan – Saya sangat suka makan. Saya tak start makan solid food dengan Nestum or biskut Farley macam abang & kakak tapi saya terus makan bubur nasi. Sekarang saya dah makan macam-macam. Pantang saya tengok pinggan, pasti saya ngendeng orang yang pegang pinggan tu. Apa yang orang suap, semua saya makan.

7 bulan – Saya dah boleh berdiri sambil berpaut or pegang pada barang. Saya tak belajar duduk tapi saya terus berdiri.

Emm, bestnya ada banyak tanah dalam pasu-pasu tu

8 bulan – Saya dah tumbuh gigi. Sekarang saya dah ada 4 batang gigi. Saya dah pandai tepuk tangan dan saya akan enjut-enjutkan badan bila dengar muzik rancak. Lagu iklan pun layan.

9 bulan – Saya sangat sukakan “adventure”. Walaupun ada laluan yang lapang dan mudah, saya lebih suka laluan mencabar seperti bawah meja dan bawah kerusi. Saya amat tertarik dengan barang-barang hiasan rumah yang tersusun indah, baju yang terlipat rapi, rempah ratus yang beraneka di dapur, tanah dalam pasu. Memang akan saya tolong “kemaskan” lagi.

Sekarang saya dah 10 bulan. Sejak minggu lepas, saya dah cuba-cuba bertatih. Dah angkat kaki try susun langkah nak berjalan tapi saya masih takut-takut gayat lagi. Saya dah boleh panjat-panjat tau tapi tak pandai turun. Saya dah pandai “tunjuk perasaan” dan berebut mainan /barang dengan kakak.

Kakak nak bagi tak, kalau tak Irfan tarik rambut

Last sekali, sebenarnya saya dah pandai cakap. Puas saya bersuara tapi nape orang tak faham apa yang saya cakap. Oooh, maybe bahasa saya terlalu advance untuk semua orang kot.

Till later (kalau ada chance boleh saya mencelah lagi!).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thai Express, The Curve, May 2011

Dear Diary,

Since this blog owner likes to “jalan-jalan cari makan”, whenever there’s an entry about our outing, practically it would be followed by an entry on our feasting too. After we jalan-jalan (walk) at The Curve, we went into a mission of cari makan (search for a place to eat). Oh my, there are scores of eateries to choose from. We had a tough time deciding where to satisfy our hunger.

After much deliberation, we chose to try Thai Express. Thai Express emerged as winner simply because the place was not full to the brim with customers at that time and we wanted fast foods. Our orders really did arrive fast. It’s like fast food Thai cooking joint! While the foods are good (some are delicious, some are so-so), the beverages are a bit expensive though. So guys, dig in…

Som Tum ~ the evergreen spicy papaya salad

Poo Tod Kratiem Phrik Thai ~ soft shell crab with our chef's secret batter served with mango salad

Black Pepper Chicken with Rice

Khao Mun Gai ~ "Bangkok chicken rice" with a special Thai ginger-chilli sauce

Woon Sen Tom Yum Gai Nam Sai ~ glass noodles with chicken in tom yum soup

Sen Mee Kaeng Chued Gai ~ vermicelli in clear chicken broth with minced chicken

Khanom Chine Kaeng Kari Talay ~ Thai laksa with seafood in yellow curry

Fresh Coconut, Mango Juice, Lime Rose Drink, Ice Blended Coffee & Iced Lemongrass Tea

Address: G50, Jalan PJU 7/3, The Curve. Telephone number: (03) 7710 9629.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, May 2011

Dear Diary,

We spent our Labor Day weekend with an outing at The Curve. We didn’t do any shopping though, just letting the kids roaming free and soaking in the surrounding atmosphere. It was delightful having a chance to spend some quality time as a family.

The Curve is an upscale shopping haven situated in Mutiara Damansara that caters to people from all walks of life with branded stores, posh restaurants, well-known retailers, etc. Excerpts from its website:

~ The Curve is Malaysia’s first pedestrianised shopping mall.

~ The Curve is anchored by world class retail establishments namely, IKEA Home Furnishings, IKANO Power Centre, e@Curve and Tesco Hypermarket which are all connected to the Curve via all-weather walkways.

~ The Curve has an amazing array of over 50 food and beverage outlets located in “The Street” which offers an enjoyable al fresco dining experience.

~ There is a wide choice of western and Asian cuisine along its wide canopied walkways leading into its Asian and Western courtyards.

~ The Curve’s Fashion Mall is the center’s retail component that complements the open-air dining ambience. Over 180 retail outlets (including a department store and mini anchors) offer a variety of fashion, jewelry and accessories, beauty, health, children’s items, books, home décor and services.

~ On top of this, shoppers can also enjoy the Curve’s weekend Street Market with an assortment of specialty and gift items.

Source of info The Curve’s website.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Dear Diary,

Don't walk in front of me.
I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me.
I may not lead.
Just walk beside me... and be my friend.

Ps: Taken from a souvenir postcard. Stated there - Boonville High School, Class of 1996

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thai Thai, Sunway Pyramid, May 2011

Dear Diary,

After hours of combing Sunway Pyramid, we finally found and bought our desired perfumes. What the hearts desired had been fulfilled, automatically our stomachs started to belt out keroncong tune. Tired and hungry, we decided to try Thai Thai. It was definitely a right decision because our dining experience was excellent. Khob Khun Kha (thank you in Thai language)!

Thai Thai is a Thai restaurant (hence the name duh!) serving a variety of delicious authentic Thai cuisine. At least everything that we had was scrumptious. The interior decor is elegantly done. The ambiance felt cozy and homely. It’s an ideal place to dine and unwind. Service was good too. Its address is Lot OB-1D, Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid and its contact numbers are 03-7491 9428 (telephone) and 03-7491 9438 (fax).

Tom Yam Mee Hoon - Spicy Tom Yam seafood with mee hoon or Thai flat noodle

Keow Teow Tom Yam - Bangkok favorite spicy clear soup noodle with seafood

Keow Teow Nuea - Flavored beef noodle soup

Spaghetti Phad Ki Mao - Stir fried spaghetti with seafood and hot basil leaves

Khao Ob Sapparod (Gai/Goong) - Signature pineapple fried rice with chicken/prawn

Tab Tim Krob - Iced water chestnut in coconut milk topped with jackfruit, Apple Juice, Watermelon Juice & Fresh Coconut

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sunway Pyramid, May 2011

Dear Diary,

Sunway Pyramid is a shopping mall situated in Bandar Sunway. The unique façade of Egyptian themed deco adds a distinct charm to this mall. The majestically proud lion head has become a landmark in Bandar Sunway. Besides loads of shops and eateries, there is also an ice skating rink here. For more info about Sunway Pyramid, please surf here.

With an intention of buying new perfumes, we scoured Sunway Pyramid last May.

Some pictures of the kids “surveying” Parkson’s toys department…

Some pictures of us here and there…

Some pictures of decorations in the vicinity of the mall…

Isn't these cute?

Dedication for Mr Zakian Sulhi

Dear Diary,

Saw this signage at one of the outlets in Sunway Pyramid. Straightaway thought of my youngest brother. So, this picture is specially dedicated to Mr Zakian Sulhi :p

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rice with Mango / Nasi Mangga

Dear Diary,

A few days ago I posted an entry about Nasi Pisang. Today, I’m gonna share another childhood food of mine. It’s more or less the same with Nasi Pisang. All the elements are the same. The only twist is you substitute the banana with mango and you’ll have Nasi Mangga or Nasi Mempelam as I’m more familiar with. Ooh, my children also love to eat this just like their mother used to love it when she was a little girl.

Ps: I’m way overdue on stories to share yea hihihi