Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Naik Feri Pulak

Dear Diary,

Ni la feri yang kami naik
Dah kenyang makan lunch, perjalanan diteruskan. Nak pi tempat yang dituju, kami naik feri pulak seberang ke Asian side.

Burung-burung tu berterbangan betul-betul ataih feri
Yang lelaki semua pakat naik tingkat ataih feri. Kami yang pompuan dok diam-diam dalam bas jaga budak-budak. Bukan tak mau naik tapi tak larat nak kawai budak-budak aktif ni. Hubby yang ambik gambaq dari tingkat ataih feri.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hector Hall, Troia Agora, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

We didn’t stay long at Hippodrome of Constantinople since we still had a long way to go. We boarded our bus and headed to Canakkale.

We made a pit stop at Troia Agora. Troia Agora is a mall located at Saroz Bay.

Our tour guide brought us to Hector Hall where we got to taste our first Turkish meal.

Sup ikan yang banyak tulang
Soft buns
Rice with fish
Sugared chestnut on cream (kacang berangan disira gula - YUMMY) & tangerine

Irfan dipimpin oleh kakak Turki yang berkenan kat dia.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hippodrome of Constantinople, Istanbul, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

After our tour of Blue Mosque ended, we stepped out of its compound and proceeded to visit Hippodrome of Constantinople which is located adjacent to the mosque.

Hippodrome of Constantinople is an area used to be a horse racing track in which sporting and social events were held in Constantinople. Today, it is called Sultan Ahmet Square (Sultanahmet Meydani).

Sadly to say, only three of the ancient monuments are still standing today at their original places that are visible to visitors.

Egyptian Obelisk (also called Obelisk of Thutmose III and Obelisk of Theodosius) was originally erected in Egypt during Pharaoh Tutmosis III rule and was brought to Istanbul by Emperor Theodosius.

Walled Obelisk or Constantine Obelisk was built by Emperor Constantine VII in memory of his grandfather.

Serpentine Column is part of bronze column used as a sacrificial tripod in ancient Greek. It is also known as Delphi Tripod and Plataean Tripod.

There’s another monument found there, German Fountain or Willhelm II Fountain, which is constructed at a much later era.

This gazebo liked fountain is built to commemorate German Emperor’s visit to Istanbul.

When you travel with small children, all facts and stories about places you visited that your tour guide was telling are lost gone with the wind. It's simply difficult to stay put and pay attention. Mana nak layan soalan anak, nak ligan anak, nak peghati depa buat apa, mana la dan nak dengaq apa yang tour guide dok cakap kat depan tu.

* Information are sourced from Wikipedia

Address: Sultan Ahmet Mh., Mimar Mehmet Aga Cd No: 38, Istanbul, Turkey.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rendezvous in Istanbul

Dear Diary,

At first we planned to travel together but fate has it that we went our separate ways. Nevertheless, we met in Istanbul for a brief moment.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

From the airport, we straightaway headed to Istanbul’s Old Quarter. Thus, our Turkey journey officially began. The first tourist spot that we set foot was Blue Mosque.

Our tourist guide led us to the entrance. There, we were given plastic bags to put our shoes. Shoes are not permissible inside the mosque. For those who are not wearing headscarves or proper attire, scarves and body covering will be given. These items are to be returned upon exiting the mosque.

Visitors also are not allowed to make any noise as a form of respect and also not to disturb worshipers who are praying. Pictures can be taken but flash cannot be used.

Three pictures of the main dome
Once you look up, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful colored tiles on the ceiling and walls. Majority of these tiles are blue in color, hence the mosque’s name, with many designs. Moreover, they are handmade.

Another wonder you’ll be awed with is the dome with its calligraphy and Islamic influenced designs.

Lamps are arranged on steel structures hanging from the roof right above your head.

Praying area

Some facts about Blue Mosque:
~ The mosque got its name from the use of blue tiles that adorned its interior. The mosque’s outer façade is not blue in color, it is grey.
~ Besides its blue tiles, it is also famous for its 6 minarets.
~ The mosque is opened to public from 9am till 7pm. However, it is closed for a short while during each praying times.
~ It is still used as a place of worship. Muslim visitors can perform solat here.

For more info, please surf www.bluemosque.co

Address: Sultanahmet Cami, 34122 Sultanahmet, Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey. Telephone number: +90 212 518 13 19. Fax number: +90 212 458 44 66. Operating Hours: 9am – 7pm

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mentari Pagi di Turki

Dear Diary,

Managed to capture these pictures of Turkey early morning sun on our way from the airport to Istanbul's Old Quarter.