Friday, September 30, 2011

Penang Bridge, June 2011

Dear Diary,
A roundabout near Penang International Airport
A roundabout in Gurney Drive
A rainbow over Penang Bridge
Now, enjoy some pictures of Penang Bridge that I snapped via my hand phone. We were on our way back to Alor Setar. It was late evening and it just stopped raining.
Do you know that (info from Wikipedia)…
With total length of 13.5km, Penang Bridge is the longest bridge in Malaysia and fourth in Southeast Asia.
The bridge was designed by a local civil engineer from Penang, Professor Chin Fung Kee.
It was officially opened for use on September 14, 1985.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Penang's Little India

Dear Diary,
Took a spin around Penang town last June

Ended up in Little India

Stopped at a stall

Sweet treats

Maruku, nuts and snacks

Bought our favorite candy and some maruku

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Medan Selera in Tanjung Bungah, June 2011

Dear Diary,
Yg bumbung biru tu la medan seleranya...(pandangan dari Toy Museum)
After spending for about an hour at Penang Toy Museum, we had a late lunch at a food court opposite the museum (on the other side of the road). This medan selera is on your left if you’re from town. It’s nearby 7 Eleven Tanjung Bungah.
I know the eatery from my previous visits. Whenever I outstation to Penang during my working days, this food court was one of the places that my colleagues and I would frequent. It’s quieter in the day and more happening at nights because more stalls are open during night time. The foods there are very reasonably priced and tasty, at least for the stalls that I’ve ordered from that is.
I always have chicken rice from Rizal Nasi Ayam when I go there; so, this time around I decided to order Special Char Koew Teow from Rudy’s of Penang. Hubby had Special Fried Rice from the same stall. Both Imran and Zarra stick to their favorite chicken rice.
Chicken Rice - Yummy!
Special Char Koew Teow - Can do lah!
Special Fried Rice - Average!
By the way, public toilet there is very clean. A plus point if you ask me!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Penang Toy Museum, Tanjung Bungah, June 2011

Dear Diary,
Whenever we go back to my hometown for more than four days, one must visit place is Penang. It doesn’t matter whether it is Penang on the island side or the main land side as long as it’s Penang. Last June when we went back for my sister’s wedding, we made a trip to Penang. The purpose of the trip was to send my uncle and his family to Penang International Airport.
After saying goodbyes, we left for our next destination which was Toy Museum. Touted to be the largest in the world, this privately owned establishment situated in Jalan Tanjung Bungah (in front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel) is fast becoming a popular hit among tourists. Entrance charge for adult is RM10 and for children is RM6. For foreigners, the charges are RM20 and RM10 for adults and children respectively. Opening hour is from 9am till 9pm daily (including weekends and public holidays). Contact number – (012) 460 096.
Inside the museum, there are thousands of toys on display. They are categorized into sections such as horror, superhero, cartoon, movie characters, doll, etc. There are famous figurines from Star Wars, Lara Croft, Disney, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Superman, Spiderman, Mr. Bean, Barbie and many more. Toy Museum offers something that both adults and children can relate.
In spite of this, sad to say that many exhibits are in dire need of service. Some are broken while others have fall down. Even the floor needs to be fixed at some spots.
On a brighter note, if you’re traveling with kids and looking for a place to visit in Penang, you could consider Toy Museum as one of your choices. Moreover, your tour of the museum won’t take much of your time. You’ll be done exploring the place under 1 hour (Longer if you’re a figurine fanatic!). The place is something different from conventional museum. More importantly, your kids would enjoy themselves and you yourself can too.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Seri Kota Dadih

Dear Diary,
When we travel on PLUS from Alor Setar heading southwards and we feel like having something chilled and sweet, we’d stop at Hentian Tikam Batu. At this rest area, there is a vendor selling all sorts of snacks and munchies, fresh fruits and drinks. Most importantly, he also sells what we stop for – DADIH!
The dadih or curd comes in several flavors which are original, strawberry, corn, pandan, etc. On the packaging is written Seri Kota Dadih, Lot 307F, Seberang Terus, Alor Nibong, 08500 Kota Kuala Muda, Kedah Darul Aman. Contact person – Rosly Ahmad (019-458 8281).
I like original flavor the best. I remember when I was still small; there was a man who cycled around our neighborhood selling dadih with pulut panggang. He used cow’s milk to make his dadih. The taste was so authentic, cannot get any fresher than that. Of course, his dadih was milkier in texture compared to present ones which sometimes uses more agar-agar than milk. Well, his dadih did not have any taste of agar-agar at all, just silky smooth of milk greatness.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Umairah's Kenduri Menyambut Menantu, June 2011

Dear Diary,

My sister’s wedding closing ceremony was a kenduri menyambut menantu at the groom’s house in Kuala Nerang. A group of kompang players started beating the kompang as soon as we walked towards the house.

We were greeted with warm hospitality by not only Fizan’s family members and relatives but also the whole village. They welcomed us with open arms and hearts. These shined through their actions and words.

The menus served to us were authentic masakan kampung and they were all mouth-watering. We had gulai nangka, gulai tulang with batang pisang, gulai ikan kering, sayur keladi, bawal masak sambal, ayam masak merah with plain rice. Not everyday we could find this kind of lauk-pauk. The treatment was first class. Whenever a plate emptied, they quickly replenished it.

When I looked around, all of my family and relatives were eating shamelessly without any care in the world. Memang pulun makan betullah! As for myself, I enjoyed eating that day TREMENDOUSLY...

Umairah's Wedding, June 2011

Dear Diary,

My sister’s wedding ceremony was celebrated with a kenduri at our house the next day (June 7, 2011). The theme color was blue, so family members and relatives were clad in shades of blue. First agenda was marhaban. Marhaban is a group of people (can be either men or women) who serenade Quranic verses. Soon after, guests started arriving. Every one of us was busy entertaining and making sure the wedding went smoothly without any glitches.

The groom and his rombongan arrived after Zohor as promised. The bersanding and merenjis ceremony followed suit. Then, the newlywed and groom’s entourage were led to their dining tables for their lunch.

My parents hired a wedding planner who provides everything. It was an all in one package; so, we only had to deal with one person. And this one person is a close family friend which makes it easier for us.

There was a deejay who kept everybody engrossed with a list of love and evergreen songs. Love is in the air!! Let’s take a look at the gastronomy affair. There were nasi minyak, ayam masak merah, gulai daging, dalca, ikan kering, acar, sambal belacan, ulam and sirap. Besides that there were also laksa, mi kuah, bubur pulut hitam and oranges.

Many guests came and made the ceremony merrier. We got a chance to meet relatives and friends who otherwise would be difficult for us to catch up due to our leading different lives. It was truly a joyous occasion indeed.