Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Decade Ago

Dear Diary,

A decade of being together

A decade of married life with ups and downs

A wish to be together forever till death do us part

A blessed life with 3 most treasured gifts from Allah

~ Kat masjid ni la kami dinikahkan 10 tahun lepas ~

A decade ago, dear Hubby, we were married with lafaz akad & nikah. I wouldn’t trade anything that has happened in the past 10 years for anything else in this world. May Allah bind our jodoh forever and bless our life with happiness.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Lauk Kenduri

Dear Diary,

The sumptuous buffet spread...

The Wedding Cake

Dear Diary,

The elegant wedding cake...

The Pelamin

Dear Diary,

Feast your eyes on the fantasy-like pelamin...

The Bride & Groom

Dear Diary,

Presenting the newlyweds...

Us at Danial's Wedding

Dear Diary,

Pictures of us one family at the wedding...

Danial's Majlis Menyambut Menantu

Dear Diary,

Love is in the air!

A golden yellow themed majlis menyambut menantu at my parents in law’s house a week later was the end chapter of Danial’s wedding celebrations. The joyful occasion was a huge success with many invited guests, families and friends attendance. Lenguh jugak la kaki yang sekali sekala pakai kasut tumit tinggi ni dok pi mai pi mai layan tetamu.

The pengantin stunningly clad in modern bridal attire arrived soon after Zohor. The bridal procession was led by a kompang group and followed by the bride’s family. After both bride and groom were comfortably seated on the pelamin, families were invited to bestow their blessings through adat merenjis. Then, adat bersantap ensued. Band from PDRM entertained the guests while they feasted on the lavish buffet spread.

The superbly tasted food was catered by Sajian d-Hidang (click at the name to surf its website). If you’re interested to hire a caterer, I recommend you to give this company a try. Its address is Lot 9-2, Shah Alam UMNO Trade Center, Persiaran Damai, Section 11, Shah Alam. Contact numbers: 03-5510 8776 / 9776 / 3773 / 03-5519 3773. Any queries can also be sent through email:

The ceremony ended with a successful note at around time for Maghrib prayers. All the sweet memories will be cherished by us.

Ps: Since there are thousands of pictures to choose from, I’ve separated the chosen ones into categorized entries – Us at Danial’s Wedding, The Bride & Groom, The Pelamin, The Wedding Cake, The Lauk Kenduri. Just click on the titles to enjoy them…!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Officiating the Pelamin

Dear Diary,

While everybody else was occupied with preparations for my brother in law’s wedding, my only daughter was also busy doing something. Guess what she’s busy with?

She’s busy playing unpaid model on the pelamin.

I have no idea where she gets the talent to act in front of the camera *sigh*

Monday, June 27, 2011

You Are My Forever Love

Dear Diary,


By Emily Matthews

I’ll always remember our first days together

those magical times when our love was so new

I remember the wonder we felt in our closeness, the passion and joy

I discovered with you…

Somehow it seemed we were meant for each other,

you made me feel cherished, complete and understood,

And I knew if I walked by your side through the future,

I’d always be happy and life would be good…

Time has brought change to the world that we share,

but the sweet, simple truth that I knew from the start

Is timeless and changeless forever and ever

I need you and love you with all of my heart.

Happy birthday, my beloved Hubby! I love you always and forever...