Friday, May 28, 2010

The Matchmaking

Dear Diary,

Was it luck? Or was it fate? Maybe it was a little bit of both. This is a story of how I met my prince charming…

I graduated in the middle of 1998 and considered myself very lucky since I managed to land a job a month after coming back. The economy was slowly recovering from 1997 downturn and there I was a fresh graduate ready to take on the world. I worked hard and learned as much as I could. After settling myself comfortably on a career path, I started to venture into another part of my life – love life. Prior to this I’d made attempts to build special relationships with the male species but they all turned out as friends in the end.

I was so young back then only in my mid 20s and felt it was the right time to start looking around for Mr. Right. Once again I was very lucky because my saham was (and still is… ;D) quite high. I managed to get into two consecutive relationships however both led to nowhere.

After going through two very heart-wrenching breakups, I was ready to give up on love. I told my mother, I would be okay if I was meant to be single for the rest of my life and I left it all up to Allah to determine my jodoh. My parents were not the pushy type and they put no pressure on me at all. However, lucky me I guessed to have very concerned aunties who were more than willing to go far and beyond to search suitors for me. Oh boy, news travelled fast indeed. And the race began...

The race of who would find me eligible suitor the fastest. When all of this was happening, I was working in Penang. Among all my aunties, Pak Lang and Mak Lang got the upper hand in the race because I was staying with them. It so happened at that very moment, my Mak Lang’s cousin (Auntie Lin) was also looking for a suitor for the son of her husband’s (Uncle Aris) boss. I could still remember the chain of events that occurred as if it were yesterday.

6th March 2001…will forever be etched as one of historical dates in my life as this was the date that two families met in the pursuit of building an even stronger bond. My cousin had been planning to throw a surprise birthday party for her father. The party would be held at the Revolving Restaurant, City Bayview Hotel, Penang. I was looking forward to attending the event since there would be buffet dinner (yum yum) and also a chance for family get together.
Little that I know Mak Lang was also planning another surprise with Auntie Lin. As it would happen that was also the night that they would introduce Mr. F (my beloved husband) to me and both our families together. I only got to know about this en route to the hotel. OH NO……! All the excitement of celebrating family get together and enjoying a scrumptious dinner were gone instantly. I panicked and would give everything to just go back home and hide there. I was not ready!!! Would I ever be ready, now that I think about it?

Well, I had no choice other than to go along with their plan. Gone also my appetite and I paid RM38 for the food, mind you. It was the 90s, buffet cost cheaper then. I ate so little because my mind was occupied on the upcoming event. What a waste, knowing myself who love food! Mr. F and his family arrived a little bit later than us. I was so shy and everything that I did turned out wrong i.e. I mistakenly salam twice with his father. I managed to sneak a few glances at him though. Not bad looking heh! He had his hair backcombed, wore a yellowish jacket and looked confident. We were seated in different tables. He and his family with my family (together with my uncles and aunties) at one table whereas I with my cousins at another. Thank God, I wore my dark blue dress which is presentable and sweet.

The night went on forever and felt like it would never end. Both Mr. F and I never exchanged words just a few glances across the room. Believe me, my aunties and uncles sure had grilled him with 1001 questions. Finally, it was time to go our separate ways. Yahoo…it was over!

ps: to be continued in The Verdict

* Pictures courtesy of Yahoo! Images and City Bayview Hotel

The First Entry

Dear Diary,

Ever since I read my friend’s blog, I’ve fallen in love with the world of blogging. Along the way, somehow I also develop an interest to start my own blog. But a tiny little voice in me keeps questioning my intention…will I be good at this? Well, belum cuba belum tahu, right. The worse that can happen is I’d suck at blog writing. Finally, after much consideration I gathered enough courage to start unaizah’s diary. For this, I thank Miss Ermayum for introducing me to blogging and encouraging me to give it a try.

Picture courtesy of Yahoo! Images

What will I write? For me, writing a blog is like keeping a diary. Hmm in that case, I’ll share my memories, experiences, thoughts, hopes and dreams. I’ll just write whatever interests me. This is my diary so everything I jot down is my opinion.

So, here goes my attempt into blogging….