Monday, December 26, 2011

Mega Project Latest Update

Dear Diary,

Kita mampu merancang. Hanya Tuhan menentukan. Tak perlu dikisahkan.

I’m quoting a few rows of lyrics from Wings’ song. That scenario was exactly what befell us.

Sunday came and went. Yet, we are still the same as before. Due to inflexible apartment rule, we couldn’t proceed with our mega project as planned. The most daunting task that was supposed to be carried out last Sunday was postponed for a few days until all can be straightened out.

Allah knows best. He has better plans for us.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ombak Rindu

Dear Diary,

After reading about Ombak Rindu in a newspaper, I begged Hubby to look after the kids for a couple of hours so that I can watch it ALONE. No kids around so I can glue my attention 100% on the screen. Barulah boleh feeling-feeling syahdu huhu…

Currently, Ombak Rindu is doing exceptionally well at the box office. Responses from moviegoers are overwhelmingly still strong after 3 weeks being aired. I myself had difficulty making reservation as all shows were full. Some cinemas are allocating more than one theater for a show slot for Ombak Rindu.

The pull to watch adaptation from the same titled novel by Fauziah Ashari was even greater after I managed to catch about a 15-minute preview of the movie over Astro Ria. With high anticipation, I went to watch the film at GSC Times Square last Friday.

A salute to director Osman Ali! He manages to bring out the best in his casts. All ingredients for a quality film - excellent acting, powerful script and beautiful cinematography are presence in this movie. Not to forget, one mellow song that clicks with the story mood. I dare to say, it is one film to reckon with at any film festival be it locally or internationally. It is a recipe for success when all elements work perfectly together to heighten audience’s senses.

For me, this movie is about women’s struggle in love and their status in general (darjat wanita). It’s a love story no argument there, but one great love story that is. Love is one elusive subject. It comes without force and it cannot be forced. Backed by remarkable actors namely Maya Karin (Izzah), Aaron Aziz (Hariz), Lisa Surihani (Mila) and Bront Palarae (Mail) among others, Ombak Rindu revolves around Izzah’s poignant life from a simple kampung girl who ends up being married to an arrogant city boy Haris. Audience is led through her transformation from a naïve and mistreated girl to the most precious person in Haris’ heart. Mila, a stuck up and overly celebrity, is the other woman in Haris’ life. Lisa Surihani as an antagonist is believably annoying. Thus, the conflict elevates.

Movie poster with Maya Karin's signature

In conclusion, if it’s meant to be, come what may the love will withstand everything and survive. But if it’s not meant to be, sooner or later separation is inevitable. Kalau dah jodohkan…

Ps: Current mode - Dibuai-buai ombak angaukan si Aaron Aziz.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wangsa Walk Mall Games Arcade, Aug 2011

Dear Diary,

We finished up our raya shopping at Wangsa Walk Mall, just to get a few more things for the kids.

Every time we were at Wangsa Walk, the kids would make a pit stop at its games arcade. Berpuluh hinggit gak le terbang each time but that was nothing compared to their laughter and cheerful faces.

It was worth all the money in the world…

Mango Chili, Wangsa Walk Mall, Aug 2011

Dear Diary,

We tried out another F&B outlet in Wangsa Walk last August for iftar. It is a Thai cafe named Mango Chili. I like how they incorporate pictures of mango and chili into their trademark.

It was a pleasant dining experience as we benefited from delicious foods, swift service and clean comfy ambiance.

Pad Thai Spring Roll

Pandan Chicken

Tom Yum Prawn

One of the Combo Set

One of the Combo Set

Pattaya Fried Rice

Stir Fried Glass Noodle with Prawn

Mango Smoothie, Iced 3 Layer Tea & Mango Sparkling

Address: Lot No G32, Wangsa Walk Mall, Wangsa Maju. Website:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update on Mega Project

Dear Diary,

Alhamdulillah, everything is smooth sailing at the moment. A few little bumps along the way but we straightened them out the best we could under all circumstances. Almost 80% of the project is done, only waiting for the D-day. We managed to get most of what we’ve wanted. The day has been fixed – this coming Sunday for the hardest task. After that, more tasks will be waiting but by that time, the anxiety and worries are over because most importantly we’ll be finally settled down.

Syukur teramat ke hadrat Allah kerana memudahkan semuanya setakat ini…

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Restoran Paradise Palace, Sogo, Aug 2011

Dear Diary,

Whenever we shop at Sogo, most of the times we’d eat at its food court on the 6th floor. However, during our raya shopping last August, we expected the place would be overcrowded so we decided to try an eatery located on the same floor, Restoran Paradise Palace.

Before starting our hunting for kids’ raya clothes, we ordered our food in advance so it would be ready by iftar. We made a very wise decision because the food court was congested with people indeed at break fast time. It would had been uncomfortable should we break fast there what with 3 active children in tow.

Chicken Cashew Nut

Steamed whole Fish with Chef Special Hot & Sour Sauce

Squid Salad

Paradise Palace's Special Hot Prawn

We ordered Set B of the menu that comprised of 4 glasses of Sparkling Juice, Chicken Cashew Nut, Steamed whole Fish with Chef Special Hot & Sour Sauce, Squid Salad, Paradise Palace’s Special Hot Prawn, Fried Baby Kailan, Shan Tomyam (Chicken) and Steamed Fragrance Rice. On top of that, we also ordered one Fried Rice for Mr. Fussy Imran.

Fried Baby Kailan

Shan Tomyam (Chicken)

Fried Rice

Oh my, there were a lot of foods on the table. That’s what happened when you ordered food with an empty stomach. Everything looked tempting. Fortunately, they were all satisfyingly tasty.

Another smart move we took that day was taking the LRT instead of driving to Sogo. If not, we would have to brave this massive traffic jam. The jam did not even recede by the time we left Sogo at about 10 pm something.

Address: Paradise Palace Sdn Bhd. Lot 6-1, 6th Floor, Sogo (KL) Department Store, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. Telephone number: 03 – 2694 2175, 2694 2166. Fax number: 03 – 2694 2193.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Irfan's Walking

Dear Diary,

I’m taking a breather from the mega project. I thought why not update my blog and document Irfan’s milestone.

My little prince who wreaks havoc on daily basis lately has finally able to walk on his own two feet. I was able to capture the first steps he took. This development happened around middle of November 2011.

All this while, he had been moving using his knees. Kneeling kind of walk! Habis kematu lutut and atas kaki!

Now that he’s walking, his exploration horizon becomes wider and indirectly I have to be more alert. Correction, EXTRA alert!! One thing about Irfan is that he’s one quiet baby. His mouth seldom makes sounds but his hands are busy doing things.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shh, Mega Project Ongoing!

Dear Diary,

We’re in the middle of one mega project. This project consumes most of our times. It also has thousands little projects connected to it that need our attention. So, there’ll be lesser entries and some inconsistencies in entry posting.

If I can and time permits, I’ll break away or steal some time to scribble something here and do some blog walking. For now, I’m keeping this project to myself and it will be a secret until it’s done. Pray everything will go smoothly.

“Ya Allah, permudahkanlah kerja kami ini. Insya Allah.”

Monday, December 12, 2011


Dear Diary,

What attract small children to spectacles? Why they like to snatch spectacles from people’s face? Why they like it so much?

The latest masterpiece by my beloved baby Irfan….

My spectacles’ end fate at Irfan’s hands

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sunset in Pandan Mewah

Dear Diary,

Beautiful sunset panorama from my balcony…

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Would You Do?

Dear Diary,

What would you do if…

Your one year old child throws stones from your 9th floor apartment and successfully created a 1 cm hole on a Proton Wira’s front mirror and cracked its rear mirror. Perfect targets!!! Maybe he’d grow up to be a pro bowler or archer one day.

What did I do?

I cried, called Hubby, inspected the damages, said sorry to the owner (who is a kind Chinese lady phew!), promised to bear all repair charges and cried again. Yes, in this exact order!

We ended RM1300 ‘poorer’ for this incident.

The many faces of Syahir Irfan

To quote Hubby’s uncle’s words, “Ala, Long, baru RM1300. Dio doh bowi ke Long bapo banyok doh sejak lahey.” (This is in Kelantanese slang which loosely means Allah has bestowed us with many more rezeki since Irfan's birth compared to that RM1300)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Buffet, anyone?

Dear Diary,

Is it a trend nowadays to break fast at hotels or posh restaurants? For me who seldom break fast outside, it’s truly an awakening to see most of the places that offer Ramadan buffet are fully booked. All the hotels that we went were full of people. Just a decade ago if I’m not mistaken, Ramadan buffet was not a norm. It was no unheard of but more for the rich and elite.

From my observation, we Malaysians are like a group of piranhas where buffet is concerned. At all Ramadan buffets that we went I witnessed how people “wrestle” as if the food would finish. The last time I checked, buffet spread is replenished once food are not much left or finish. To my horror, even my children were pushed by some people who were impatience to fill up their plates. I don’t know about you guys but to me that’s rude. Are these examples we want to inculcate in young children?

Another obvious thing is that people would stack up their plates like there is no tomorrow. How many pieces of the same chicken dish or slices of the same cake one person can eat at one go. Why everybody seems so greedy? Even if we love something so much, there’s only so much we can swallow. More often than not, there would be so much leftover on plates in the end. Some were even untouched!!! Imagine how many poor people all those untouched food can feed.

In retrospect, some people are really in need of social etiquette lessons. We should teach our young ones to be more socially responsible not just in buffet line but also in every aspect of life.

~~ Adab sopan budaya kitakan ~~

Dewan Perdana Felda, Kuala Lumpur, August 2011

Dear Diary,

My ex-colleagues organized an iftar get together at Dewan Perdana Felda last Ramadan. We confirmed our attendances early because Felda’s Ramadan buffet is almost always fully booked. Fortunately, one of my ex-colleague has a wife who is a Felda staff so we got discounts and booking matters were easier.

Pictures of the hall were taken after most customers had left...

I never expected that the turnout was very good; so I was surprised to see the parking area packed with vehicles. Once we were inside the hall, there was a sea of people. It was quite difficult to get to our tables as the seating arrangements were close to one another. Bear in mind, Dewan Perdana Felda is HUGE!

There was also a performance by a group of nasyid singers. After the nasyid show, a number of children, including my princess Zarra, conquered the stage. Some played around while some put on their own shows.

The foods, oh the foods were delicious. D’Saji is famous for its catering services, no introduction needed. With so many items served ranging from local delicacies to western and other cuisines, we took a while in deciding which ones to eat and which to leave. I only snapped pictures about half of the buffet spread because the hall was too crowded.

D’Saji offered Ramadan buffet not only at Dewan Perdana Felda but also at Felda Villa, Dewan Merak Kayangan, Dewan Gemilang Kelana Jaya and KL Tower. Contact number: 03 – 2698 8302. Website: