Friday, August 20, 2010


Dear Diary,

A few nights ago while waiting for Hubby to come home, I got a chance to watch Taken on HBO. It is a fast paced action movie starring Liam Neeson (Bryan) and Maggie Grace (Kim). This 2009 released movie was directed by Pierre Morel.

The story is about a father, Bryan, who was an ex-soldier, who went to Paris in search of his kidnapped daughter, Kim. Kim went to Paris with her friend Amanda with the intention of touring Europe. There they were two very young naïve girls all alone in a foreign land ready to try everything without thinking about the consequences.

At first, Bryan didn’t give his permission for Kim to go. He had worked in Paris before so he is fully aware of all the dangers that could happen to young girls. However, against his better judgment, he finally gave in. His worst fears become reality when Kim screamed over the phone that somebody has taken Amanda. All these were taking place while Bryan and Kim were talking on the phone. As he expected, his daughter was next to be taken. Imagine hearing everything that happened while your only child was being kidnapped by a group of Albanian mafia.

Bryan only had 96 hours before never to find his daughter again, so the adventure began. He tracked down the mafia but unfortunately his daughter was already been sold to somebody who is involved in a high class prostitution ring. Bryan is a very intelligent, quick thinking and observant man. Though the fighting scenes were a bit violent, there were filmed in swift and tasteful shots.

This movie depicts a father who is willing to do everything in order to save his beloved daughter. Mind you, when I said everything I really mean EVERYTHING including killing ruthlessly, breaking all laws and ignoring fatigue or hunger. What I like about this movie is the no boundary love a father has for his daughter and his willingness to put his life at risk in order to ensure her safety.

One question popped in my mind, are you willing to do what Bryan did in real life? Err, don’t we have to deal with our country’s authorities and the foreign country’s authorities? Not to mention all the bureaucracy involved. Well, in time of desperation we got to do what we have got to do.

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