Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Sape nak hadiah free? =)"

Dear Diary,

I was tagged by Mummy Nana to try my luck in this lucky draw. Thank you so much dear…(batting eyelashes hihihi). This is my first experience in this tagging business, so here goes my first trial….

First, I need to write an entry on the above said title, upload this cute picture of a red car and link the giveaway sponsor’s blog = DONE

Second, I need to put the red car picture on by side bar blog and link it to the sponsor’s entry with the same title = DONE

Third, I need to become a follower of the sponsor’s blog = DONE

Fourth, I need to tag 3 bloggers and let them know that they’ve been tagged = DONE

As , Zarin & Zakian

Finally, I need to drop a few lines in the sponsor’s comment box = DONE

Hopefully, I'm lucky....mana tahu rezeki baby dalam perut.

4 notes of inspiration:

nadia said...

hi kak. nadia singgah sini jp ye.. =)
moga btol ape yg akak ckp. tuah si baby kt xtau kn.
nnti nadia main undi je..
mntk2 nnti name akak terpilih salah satu ye! =)

zarin said...

dear, i kah yang di tag itu?
if yes, thanks and later i buat ye ;-)

Unaizah said...

Nadia - Amin...manalah tahukan hihihi. Rasa cam bertuah je hahaha (evil laughs!!!).

Zarin - Yes dear, u la yg i tag. Try yr luck. Closing date 1 oct...jgn terlepas lak.

aS_c0mei said...

alamak,adakah saya As yang dimaksudkan iteeww?akakkaka..kalau saya la yg dimaksudkan,kalau sempat saya buat.kalau tak,i'm sorryyy!ekkeke....(eh,byknya KALAU.kuikuikui)

kalau bukan saya,malunyaaaa.