Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Shoes

Dear Diary,

It was a long, hard winter. Sadi was very cold because his shoes were worn and they let the water in. For the first time, he was sorry that his family was very poor. He thought how nice it would be if they had enough money to buy a thick coat and some good shoes.

One day Sadi was returning from school with his bag in hand. He stopped before the central mosque just as the azan for afternoon prayer was being called. Sadi liked to pray in the mosque, so he went into the courtyard and walked up to the fountain to perform his ablution. He left his school bag and rolled up his sleeves. He knew almost everyone who was performing ablution there. He sat at a fountain and took off his shoes. His socks were dirty and wet. Angrily he threw one of his torn shoes on the ground. Then he saw a man performing ablution next to him. This man washed one leg and then stood up. Sadi noticed that the man had only one leg.

Now he was embarrassed. He had been worried about his shoes, but that man had only one leg. Maybe he had a lot of money to buy shoes; but money wasn't everything. After completing his prayer, Sadi began to pray to Allah, raising his hands high. He thanked Allah for his strong legs.

** Hadith **
"Always be content with less. Then you will be the best at thanking Allah."

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