Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Verdict

Dear Diary,

(continued from The Matchmaking)

One whole day passed by without any questions thrown at me concerning the meeting at City Bayview. Over tea the next day, the adults were anxious to know my verdict of Mr. F. I casually said he looked okay. Well, what else could I say? Not even one word was exchange between us. It would be unfair to give judgment when I hardly knew him. They let out sighs of relieve because they were very afraid I would reject him right away. They said I am a very determined person, if I said no it means no. Whew, at least he still got a chance. Weeks later I found out three couples (my parents, Pak Lang & Mak Lang, Pak Ngah & Mak Ngah) were sleepless the night we came back from Bayview. They were worried I would blow this one off. Well, well, they fell in love with Mr. F at first encounter, liked him very much and loved for him to be part of our family. To my surprise, the feelings were mutual on his side (according to Auntie Lin that is). To give him a fair chance, I suggested to everyone to give us some time to get to know each other before making any conclusion. “Tak kenal maka tak cinta” as the saying goes….

Exactly two weeks after the dinner, a trip to KL was planned by Mak Lang and Auntie Lin to coincide with Mr. F’s family trip to the same destination. Surprise, surprise! After the Bayview dinner, Mr. F and I had been talking through telephone. A friendship was blossoming. Frankly speaking, I like the way he sounded. It looked like a promising start to something special….

The day arrived and KL here we came. We stopped at Tanjung Malim for lunch….at Yik Mun Restaurant which is famous for its pau (its chicken pau is the best for me….marvellous). It also has very tasty mee hailam. These two items are attracting hubby and me to keep coming back here, even that means we have to steer off Plus highway (exit Tanjung Malim).

Mr. F’s father was kind enough to book us rooms at Istana Hotel where his family was also staying. Wow, a bonus! I got to stay at a 5 star hotel. The hotel was superb. All of us had dinner at Parkroyal Hotel. The dinner went well except for all the teases that I had to endure. After dinner, we watched live band performance at the lounge. Since the music was loud and conversation was impossible, Mr. F suggested for the two of us to walk back to Istana Hotel. We had a nice talk walking back to the hotel and the talking continued at Istana’s lounge till wee hours of the night (around 2 am if I am not mistaken). Well, that was the first time for both of us really talked face to face.

When I went up to my room, everybody was still awake waiting for me. So, I had to face a grueling questions and answers session. Mak Lang and Auntie Lin kept pushing me to tell how I felt about this guy. Hellloooo… you guys need an answer this very night? At least give me some time to digest this experience. Forgive me…. I didn’t have the answer right away. It was my life and it was a big decision. I knew they wanted to hear that I love Mr. F. All I could say was from everything I was seeing I was starting to like this guy. Very much so….

The next day, Mr. F and I went on a real date. Just the two of us….. First we went to Jusco Bukit Raja. We had lunch (couldn’t remember what we had hehe) and watched a movie. It was Gerak Khas the Movie, a movie by Datuk Yusof Haslam. He even bought a pair of shoes for me. How sweet of him…and that was only the first date. Later, he showed me around UiTM Shah Alam campus. Then, off we went to Sunway Pyramid where we met up with the rest of the group. Only years later I found out the reasons my beloved brought me to Shah Alam and Klang areas on our first date. He didn’t know the roads in KL so much that was why he brought me to places where he was familiar with. He studied in UiTM you see.

At Sunway Pyramid, all of us had dinner at the food court. After dinner, we parted and headed back to Penang.


ps: to be continued in The Proposal

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ERMAYUM said...

hmmm kisah cinta terpendam da keluar heheh way to go girl
later u bind all this and make it a book for yr great great grandchildren to read heheh

unaizah said...

That's one of the reason tangan gatal nak start blog ni. At least my children can read all these in the future. Thanks to you dear....