Friday, October 1, 2010

30 Days of Night

Dear Diary,
Does anyone fancy horror or scary movie? It is not my cup of tea since I am easily spooked. I like thriller but not so much if it involves ghost, vampire, or anything yang seangkatan dengannya. I’ll keep on picturing the ghost and I’ll have sleepless night.

Then again, Hubby loves the genre very much. Since give and take is an important ingredient towards happier marriage, I sometimes give in and accompany him to watch these types of films. Recently, I watched 30 Days of Night again (note the word – again) over Cinemax. I’ve watched this movie a few times so the fear is lesser as compared the first time I watched it. 30 Days of Night is directed by David Slade and starred by Josh Hartnett as Eben Oleson (remember his adorable face in Pearl Harbor), Melissa George as Stella Oleson and Danny Huston as Marlow, the vampire chief.

The film revolves around the survival of a group of people in a small town of Barrow in Alaska during winter against a group of vampires. During winter, darkness blankets Barrow because the sun will not be rising for one whole month. As the last ray of sunlight diminishes, terror creeps in. Bizarre incidents start to take place and screams start to be heard everywhere.

The bloodthirsty vampires are very swift, violent and hideous. Oh, they are also clever hence many become their victims. If you can stomach pools of blood and flesh eating blood sucking violent scenes, this movie is definitely for you. There are fighting scenes between human and vampire but human always end on the losing side.
All things considered, 30 Days of Night fits perfectly into its horror/thriller genre. I just don’t like how the movie ends. The ending is kind of sad. For me, after going through heart stopping scenes and enduring disgusting images, I need a solace.
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Mummy Nana said...

I tgk jugak citer nie... xsuka... rasa depressed jek tgk.. gelap sentiasa... dan hantu dia mmg ntahpapa.. hahaha..tapi I pun sama suka jugak citer thriller2 ...

ERMAYUM said...

eda tgk wayang cite ni dulu i hate th eneding heheh

Mummy Nana said...

xsuka jugak ending dia.. heheh..
Unai: Dah bersalin ke?

Unaizah said...

Mummy Nana n Ermayum - Tu la kan dah penat-penat tengok, hero mati lak in the end. Tension je!!!

Mummy Nana - Dah selamat dah hihihi. Will post about it soon....