Thursday, July 12, 2012

Imran's Year 2 First Half Results

Dear Diary,

Last Friday, Hubby went to Imran’s school to get his exam results. We already knew some of the marks. As suspected, his results dropped drastically from last year’s results. There’s no A at all. He only managed to score 3Bs, 2Cs, 1D and 1E. His overall percentage is 55.2%.

His class teacher commented that his percentage is better than majority of the boys. She is also surprised that Imran scored C for Mathematics because according to her the questions are difficult. Well, for us C is still not good enough. In our opinions, it is better to compare him with students who achieved better results than with students who didn’t surpass the half percentile. That way he wouldn’t feel complacent with barely passing grades and hopefully it would motivate him to strive harder.

I don’t know whether this new school’s standard is higher compared to his previous school or not. One thing I’m sure is that Imran’s interest in studying now is lesser compared to last year. It’s a battle to get him do his school work let alone do extra exercises. There are other things that occupy his mind and interest such as PS3 and iPad. Tu pun dah set limit masa penggunaan.

Another thing that his teacher mentioned was that he’s playful. Imran or Imran, when are you going to take learning seriously? Every morning when I wait with him for his school bus, I’ll remind him to pay full attention when teacher is teaching. There’s time to play, there’s time to learn.

I know, I know he’s only in Year 2. As the saying goes, Melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya, I think it’s better to start children early in inculcating the love for learning and to teach them that quest for knowledge is a never ending process.

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maya amir said...

sama mcm danial kak.. suke main2, boys will be boys kan..kalau game tu fokus jek..

Asmara said...

risau jugak anak2 nak balik belajar kat Malaysia. ketinggalan banyak jugak ni. huhu.. pening pala mama dan papa dia ni. harap2 boleh catchup nnti.

Anonymous said...

Take away the ipad,iphone, PS3 etc. before it is too late!
My son was an avid reader until he was introduced to all these gadgets a year or two ago. Now he refuses to read and cosntantly goes for the gadget. And this is someone who has been reading for a good 10 years before he is hooked on these stuff. My advice, while your son is still young, it is better to take them away before it is too late.Nurture the reading habits in him.It is never to early to start shaping them.

Ida said...

Kalau dia memain dlm class,So Unaizah terpaksa lah kena luangkan waktu buat latihan dirumah dgn Imran.;D. Kalau dia dah enjoy buat dirumah lelama nanti dia akan mula focus dlm class, insyaallah.Jaswan,dari tahap 1 sampai sekarang form 3 masih praktikkan buat latihan math tiap2 hari at least 10 soalan.. alhamdullillah walaupun selalu tak masuk class coz sibuk dgn training dia masih boleh score A.

Unaizah said...

Maya - I guess boys will be boys. Tp sayang la kan sebab they can do better. If only they put more effort and focus more.

Asmara - Insya Allah, budak-budak cepat menangkap. Kalau dah memang minat, cepat je diorang boleh master.

Anonymous - Salam. Thank you for your advice. Sekarang ni memang dah limit time dia blh main all the gadgets. Masih belum tahap ban lagi.

Chiciq - Masalahnya dia liat sungguh nak buat extra latihan. Walaupun in the end dia buat gak tp kena berperang dulu la. Bab berperang tu yg tak best tu.

Ermayum said...

biasalah budak2 - first half always alert us - i notice that kalau xda exercise every day - memang peksa drop -

now standard one is better - until standard 3 no periksa u hehe

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Dah takde periksa pulak sekarang? Asyik bertukar je format.

Anonymous said...

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