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Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

From the airport, we straightaway headed to Istanbul’s Old Quarter. Thus, our Turkey journey officially began. The first tourist spot that we set foot was Blue Mosque.

Our tourist guide led us to the entrance. There, we were given plastic bags to put our shoes. Shoes are not permissible inside the mosque. For those who are not wearing headscarves or proper attire, scarves and body covering will be given. These items are to be returned upon exiting the mosque.

Visitors also are not allowed to make any noise as a form of respect and also not to disturb worshipers who are praying. Pictures can be taken but flash cannot be used.

Three pictures of the main dome
Once you look up, you’ll be amazed by the beautiful colored tiles on the ceiling and walls. Majority of these tiles are blue in color, hence the mosque’s name, with many designs. Moreover, they are handmade.

Another wonder you’ll be awed with is the dome with its calligraphy and Islamic influenced designs.

Lamps are arranged on steel structures hanging from the roof right above your head.

Praying area

Some facts about Blue Mosque:
~ The mosque got its name from the use of blue tiles that adorned its interior. The mosque’s outer façade is not blue in color, it is grey.
~ Besides its blue tiles, it is also famous for its 6 minarets.
~ The mosque is opened to public from 9am till 7pm. However, it is closed for a short while during each praying times.
~ It is still used as a place of worship. Muslim visitors can perform solat here.

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Address: Sultanahmet Cami, 34122 Sultanahmet, Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey. Telephone number: +90 212 518 13 19. Fax number: +90 212 458 44 66. Operating Hours: 9am – 7pm

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Madam Sooyaree said...

Cantik nyaaa... arwah my sis dulu pernah sampai, memang meriah tengok gambar. Thanks for sharing :)

Unaizah said...

Madam Sooyaree - No problem dear. Tiles di situ memang cantik. Wait until you see Hagia Sofia's pictures :-)