Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cotton Castle Pamukkale, Turkey, Nov 2012

Dear Diary,

The insanely breathtaking view that I talked about at the end of my previous entry is Cotton Castle of Pamukkale, stunning white calcium pools which cling to the side of a ridge. When I say stunning, I do really mean out of this world surreal landscape. It’s difficult to put it into words, to describe the place. You’ve got to be there to appreciate it.

In Turkish, Pamukkale means Cotton Castle. It is located adjacent to Hierapolis of Phrygia and is also declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. So when you visit either one, you’d get to visit the other one too. Natural geological phenomena in which deposits left from waters abundance with minerals that flow from a mountain formed this visually spectacular site. Calcium cascade terraces developed over time from the process.

We dipped our feet in the knee high pool. The water was not hot, just lukewarm - suam-suam kuku. Visitors cannot simply step anywhere on the travertine since it can easily damage and change color. There is, however, an area allocated for visitors to walk bare foot. It is believed that the water is able to heal ailments.

My pictures don’t do justice to the splendor of this place. Again I stress, you have to be there to fully grasp its uniqueness. Everywhere you look it is so white with steam coming from the hot spring it looks like a scene from a fairytale.

Apart from Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon, Pamukkale’s Cotton Castle is another awe inspiring landscape that I had been blessed to witness. At these places, I felt so tiny so insignificant in this huge world.

5 notes of inspiration:

lady lavender said...

Betul sesangat feeling org yg dpt rasai sendiri pengalsman tu dgn org yg sekadar baca catatan org lain mmg tak akan sama. The same feeling yg saya rasa masa berpeluang ke wilayah artik dulu. Even try as my best to express my feeling, sure org yg baca tak kan rasa feeling yg mcm tu.

Alhamdulillah diberi peluang kan?

Unaizah said...

Lady Lavender - Exactly!!! Ada certain things/feelings/experiences yg susah utk dizahirkan dgn perkataan. Walau ditulis pun, tak sama rasanya dgn melaluinya sendiri. Anyway, at least kita try as best we could to share the wonderful experiences.

Memang bersyukur sgt dpt peluang menjejak kaki to all these amazing places.

Anonymous said...

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rostina76 said...

SubhanAllah !!!!!this is one of the place that I really admire to visit (inshaAllah, one fine day).....meanwhile ros berkongsi seronok dgn citer U la. btw naik tak hot ballon @ turki?

Unaizah said...

Anonymous - Thank you for visiting

Rostina76 - If Ros melawat Turki, Cotton Castle is a MUST visit place. Make sure ada dlm senarai. The place & the feelings are amazing!

My father in law & brothers in law je yg naik hot air balloon tu. Mahal la Ros. Per person USD200++!! US dollar tau. Kami fikir better duit tu guna utk benda lain. Lagipun budak-budak tak blh join.