Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i-City, Feb 2011

Dear Diary,
Finally, I set foot to i-City!
Ironically, every weekend without fail unless we have plans outside Klang Valley, we would go to my in laws’ house in Shah Alam. I don’t know why and I don’t know how we never bring the kids to i-City before. It’s just 15 minute drive from my in laws’ house.
One fine February night, we finally made the long awaited trip to i-City, Section 7, Shah Alam. In order to get into the illuminated area, visitors are charged RM10 per car. Remember to bring along your receipt when you get off your vehicle; otherwise you would be denied access to certain areas. Lesson learnt the hard way for us! Thus, you’ll lose chance to get nearer to the impressive lighted sculptures (i.e. giraffe, cows etc) and capture better pictures. Tengok dari jauh je la..
There is a new attraction when we went there. Besides the colorful lights and game arcades, i-City now has SnoWalk to offer. Visitors will have the chance to experience snow. With our tropical climate, SnoWalk is the closest we could get to enjoy snow in its original form. However, we didn’t it check out as it was too crowded. That night, we just walked around and took pleasure in the beautiful surroundings.
One sore point for me is the parking area. It sucks, more so if it’s raining. With the fee they’re charging and looking at the long queue of vehicles, I was hoping for something better; at least fully tarred parking area. I hope the management provides better parking spaces and toilets. Also, they should hire cleaning services to keep the toilets clean and more importantly usable.
Sadly to say, we didn’t stay long because it started to rain and we didn’t want the kids to catch cold. Who knows maybe there’ll be another visit one fine day...
Please refer to i-City official website for more info.

5 notes of inspiration:

aS_c0mei said...

semua lampu2 je kan?saya balik mesia last year,nak sgt pegi i city nih.sebab ramai sgt duk promote kat facebook tak sempat,bz sgt masa balik haritu.nanti nak kena pegi la skali kalau balik raya ni.itu pon kalau sempat...klu tak,tgk gambar2 org upload je laaa.hihihi...

Unaizah said...

As - Ye As...semua lampu-lampu tp berwarna-warni dan tlh disusun jd pelbagai bentuk. Sekarang dah ada tempat snow (mcm kat Genting tu), so blh le main snow tp bayaran lain ye. Lupa lak ada gak tempat game (video and ala-ala funfair tu). Later, byk restoran and kedai akan dibuka kat area tu.

maya amir said...

my hsbnd dah smapai sini.. tapi i lom lagik..isk..

Ermayum said...

parking memang suck
err salib besar tu ada lagi tak ? pesal lah they all letak macam tu

tgk zarin dah masuk snow g siang tak ramai orang

Unaizah said...

Maya - Mcm mana you blh tertinggal lak?..

Ermayum - Fadley marah betul sebab kete dia masuk lubang besar and dalam habis depan and belakang. Kena gi kedai gak la repair and repaint. Salib besar? Unai tak perasan la pulak. Siang memang la tak ramai org tp if nak tengok lampu siang mana bukak.