Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wangsa Bowl, Jan 2011

Dear Diary,

With our tummies stuffed with ayam penyet, we continued our exploration of Wangsa Walk Mall. When we proceed to second floor, we came across Wangsa Bowl. Hubby’s friend suggested a bowling match between them. Knowing full well bowling is Hubby’s favorite, the kids and I persuaded Hubby to take on the challenge with us as supporters.

Game on! Hubby and his friend bowled for two frames. While Imran and Zarra became their father loyal fans, I busied myself capturing those joyful moments in photos. Wangsa Bowl was jam-packed that evening. There were long queue of people waiting for their turns to bowl. Fortunately, we arrived early.

Ps: Yeah, Hubby won both rounds!!

3 notes of inspiration:

Madam Sooyaree said...

Cantik jugak the bowling lanes. Lama dah tak main bowling. But then again, I am not good at all, selalu bawah 100 aje, hehe

fabscarf said...

Tak pernah sampai lg ke wangsa walk ni. InsyaAllah nak gi cek it out.

Unaizah said...

Madam Sooyaree - Thank you for visiting. Bowling alley ni is in good condition sebab still new. Tak tahulah nanti dah lama-lama. I pun tak pandai main. Bowl for fun je...tak capai 100 pun...lebih ke longkang dari hit the pins hahahaha.

Fabscarf - Terima kasih ye sudi singgah blog i. Do check out Wangsa Walk.... I like it.