Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Bounty Hunter

Dear Diary,

When I saw Jennifer Aniston is the leading lady for The Bounty Hunter, I sat glued in front of the television the other night. She’s one fine lady…sexy not to mention beautiful! Aniston’s character, Nicole Hurley, is a very ambitious crime journalist. Playing opposite Aniston is Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd, a bounty hunter.

The Bounty Hunter, a film by Andrew Tennant, centers round recently divorced Nicole and Milo. Milo is ecstatic when he discovered that his latest job assignment is to capture Nicole who jumps bail. For him it is an easy deal. Well, he’s in for a surprise as Nicole tries futilely to escape at every chance she gets. The reporter instinct in her ever wants to get her hands on the scoop before everybody else.

While in the process of turning Nicole in, both of them who are destined to get back together go through an adventure trying to escape from bad guys who are out to get them. Series of incidents evoke old memories and bring them close again.

Overall, this film is just average for me. Truth to be told, I was a bit disappointed because it’s just not romantic and funny enough. Sure, there are tender moments but not memorable and of course there are funny moments but not hilarious.

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2 notes of inspiration:

Ermayum said...

lately JA byk berlakon but semua cite tah apa apa :( dah tua pun iye heheh
i think she must challenge herself utk watak2 yang bukan perempuan cantk so biar betul2 tunjuk dia leh berlakon

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - I love her in Friends!! Ingat tak dulu kat US, Unai asyik tengok Friends je. Till today if tengok reruns Friends sure gelak and terkenang kenangan kat Little Italy.