Thursday, May 5, 2011

Slow Burn

Dear Diary,

Ford Cole is a big-city district attorney with his eye on the mayor's office and a big problem on his hands. One of his deputies, the beautiful assistant district attorney Nora Timmer, has just confessed to killing a man in what she claims was self-defense. A bad situation gets worse when an enigmatic stranger named Luther Pinks turns up at the police station to contradict Nora's story and paint a very different picture of Ford's talented colleague. With his career and perhaps his life on the line, Ford has a mere handful of hours to sort the truth from the lies in a saga involving Nora, a record store clerk, and a powerful gang lord.

Slow Burn was aired over Star Movies yesterday and I got a rare chance to sit and enjoy it. This movie, released in 2007, was directed by Wayne Beach. Among its casts are Ray Liotta (Ford Cole), Jolene Blalock (Nora Timmer), LL Cool J (Luther Pinks), Mekhi Phifer (Isaac Duparde) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (Ty Trippin).

Befitting its title, Slow Burn is a bit slow in the beginning but the pace quickens as the puzzle unravels piece by piece. A film with full of twists and deceiving plots, you’ll be guessing as to who the real crook is and you’ll be in for a big surprise. Take note of details in all conversations so you can better grasp what this movie is all about.

Synopsis and picture courtesy of Yahoo!Movies

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