Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yik Mun Restaurant, Tanjung Malim, Mar 2011

Dear Diary,

As I mentioned in an earlier entry on Yik Mun, whenever we traveled via PLUS highway, more often than not we’ll stop at this restaurant. Last March, we grabbed a bite there on our way to Perak.

Roti Kahwin...Hainan Kaya with Butter

This time around I tried Roti Kahwin. What a unique name! I didn’t expect too much since its only toast but when my order arrived I was proven wrong. After taking the first bite, I was like Wohoo! Roti Kahwin is definitely not just a toast. It is slathered generously with Hainan Kaya and butter.

Soya Mix...Soya + Cincau and Apple Juice

Another item that we tried was Soya Mix, a beverage of soy and cincau. The taste of the soy used is different from other soy drinks in the market making this beverage authentically satisfying.

And of course we also had our favorites – Hainan Mee, Hainan Fried Rice and Iced Hainan White Coffee. Want to know more about this restaurant, check out its website.

3 notes of inspiration:

maya amir said...

unai..i penah gi sini..and i hsbnd beli kopi die..memang terbaekk..i wish dkt dgn johor leh gi slalu:)

p/s : lps makan roti kahwin tu kan.. my hsbnd try buat kat umah, walaupun tak sama tapi takpelaa buat lps rindu..hehehe

Ermayum said...

confirm halal? heheh susah betul nowadays kejab halal kejab x

Unaizah said...

Mama - Bukan kopi je, teh and coklat drink dia pun sedap. Kalau rindu, buat la satu trip ke utara hihii...

Ermayum - So far ni halal la. Memang pening la sekarang ni. Ingat di negara sendiri senang tp lagi dangerous sebab status haram tu tak terang/jelas....tersembunyi. Minta dilindungi Allah selalu...