Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nur Kasih The Movie

Dear Diary,

Nasi lemah buah bidara

Sayang selasih hamba lurutkan

Buang emak buang saudara

Kerana Nur Kasih hamba turutkan

My feet have been itching to visit the cinema since Nur Kasih The Movie premiers on May 19, 2011. Persuaded Hubby to accompany me but to no avail. Time also seems envy with me not cutting me any slack. Until today (this was on May 27, 2011) that is…I finally manage to get away and steal some time to have a “me time”.

With an excited heart, I went to Bukit Bintang. I was among the early birds lining up for ticket at GSC Times Square even before the counter opens. Not only that, today is Wednesday which means cheaper ticket price for ladies. I’m feeling lucky!

Nur Kasih The Movie is a film directed by Kabir Bhatia and written by Mira Mustaffa. This husband and wife collaboration also produces one hell of an amazing series. Both series and movie feature beautiful shots and sceneries. Kabir plays with internal emotions more than physical act. Each character’s inner strength is built up intensely. One factor that attracts me is the Islamic portrayal of the characters’ life. The Islamic aspect is not overly done, so much so that anybody who is watching can learn something from each character.

If in the series, love between Adam (the hunky Remy Ishak) and Nur Amina (Tiz Zaqyah) is easily my main focus but in the film, Aidil’s (Fizz Fairuz) love for his wife steals the limelight for me. My heart goes out to him. I cannot imagine for the life of me losing my other half or losing my children. Losing in the sense lose them for good…forever.

Personally I like Nur Kasih the series more than its film. Maybe because I’ve watched the series diligently (I missed the show when it aired so I watched online at TV3 website). I so love the series making me feel the film doesn’t have the X or oomph factor. Don’t get me wrong though. Nur Kasih The Movie is a good movie. It is not a letdown but maybe with the series phenomenal success I expected much more from Kabir and his wife. I think those who did not follow or never watch the series would find the movie version more appealing. Furthermore, each character (even pelakon pembantu) evolves beautifully in the series whereas more emphasis was given to the three main characters in the film. This leaves avid fans like yours truly wondering what happen to other characters like Alya’s parents, Nur’s parents and sister.

Oh, I cried a bucket! I can’t help it because Kabir is excellent in bringing out the emotional side of the characters. He has proven this again and again with his other films before like Cinta and Sepi. As I watched Nur Kasih The Movie, I tried putting myself in the character’s shoes (camne tak nangis). On a personal note, “Semuanya ketentuan Allah… I wish I can be as strong as Nur Amina and as loving as Hajah Khadijah. Insya Allah.”

4 notes of inspiration:

Fith said...

ish fith pun minat jugak nur kasih,tp belum berkesempatan nak tgk movie-nya lg.
best ek?tp mmg ramai yg ckp best lg yg series compare to movie kan...

Unaizah said...

Fith - Tengoklah cite ni if ada kesempatan. Memang best tp tu la if penah follow siri akan rasa siri lagi best. Tp filem ni bukanlah tak best langsung...

Ermayum said...

my feeling exactly i suspect because the penulis scrip orang lain u notice or not drama semua by marina hasyim filem tu scrip by somebody else that big turn off tau because nobody know the characters and feel them more than the original writer that why the feeling lainnnnnnn
yet kerana aura ADAM dan NUr it still make us like it :)

apasal u tgk sorangggggg ajaklaa edaaaaa

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Tak sempat pun nak ajak sesapa. Opportunity presents itself, terus je grab. That day everything was in place yg membolehkan unai gi outing sorang without taking any of the kiddos.