Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mohd Chan, Shah Alam, Oct 2011

Dear Diary,

Among all cuisines, Hubby loves Chinese cuisine the most. Apart from Malay cooking that is. There’s this one restaurant brightly lit with neon that is always full with customers. We would pass by it every time coming back from parents in law’s restaurant. It’s a Chinese Muslim restaurant named Mohd Chan.

The pull is too strong that after frequent passing bys, we gave it a try one fine night. It was a risk worth taking because the foods tasted awesome. No wonder there’s always people dining. We bet our money on these:

Dim Sum Mushroom – A++

Butter Prawn – A+

Siakap Goreng 3 Rasa – A+

Tomyam Seafood – A

Broccoli with Prawn – A

Ribena Laici – A+

Sirap Laici, Laici, Jus Tembikai

Their foods excel with flying colors eh! Simply, love love love them!

I don't have it's exact address but its Shah Alam branch is located in Section 16; however, I have its website address:

2 notes of inspiration:

ejoule said...

assalammualaikum....agree with u sis.....
Selalu gak gi jalan jalan cari makan specially chinese foods...tak perlulah sebut yang lain lain tu but Mohd Chan stil the best!
Tak kira lah, gi kat cawangan yg mana pun, the tasre stil sama insyaalah..

Unaizah said...

ejoule - Salam. First, terima kasih sudi singgah & tinggal jejak.

Memang marvelous makanan kat Mohd Chan. Akak tak penah gi cawangan lain tp baguslah if diorang blh maintain the taste kat semua cawangan.