Thursday, February 2, 2012

World of Facebook

Dear Diary,

My friends have been urging me to join Facebook for ages and I being myself have been ignoring them. Let me tell you something, I’m actually not very good in IT and very afraid to try something new on the computer or over the cyber world for fear it’ll become haywire.

After becoming a fulltime housewife, more push from friends and help from a brother, I finally joined FB two years ago. My oh my, it has been fun. FB opens up a whole new world. It is not a surprise that FB is the leading social network when it has about 800 million and counting members worldwide (source).

I managed to trace back long lost friends, neighbors, etc. Jejak kasih gitu. People whom I last met or spoken to decades ago. Other advantages of FB are it’s easier to get in touch with friends and also faster to get latest news about them (provided that you constantly log in).

On the flip side of the coin, there are also disadvantages. There are sick people out there who misuse this resource. We always read in newspaper about celebrities who are being impersonated with pseudo accounts. Even ordinary people share this misfortune. A case in point, someone created an account using my sister’s name. All the data are correct. This person has an ill intention towards her. There are also cases in which bad people who entice others to become friends in order for them to do bad things. For example, rape cases, drug trafficking, smuggling just to name a few.

In the final analysis, as a general rule that applies to everything, use the facility wisely. Don’t abuse the technology that was created to help us to stay connected. Beware, it’s also addictive :-)

3 notes of inspiration:

maya amir said...

i tak suke FB now..dunno why..rase nak close jek...hehe

Sizuka said...

I joined FB 4 years ago.. still on FB tho few tmes terasa nak quit.

Unaizah said...

Maya - Any particular reason yg buat Maya tak suka FB? Apa kata take a break jap. Lelama sekali baru log in.

Sizuka - I sekali-sekala je log in, not everyday.