Monday, October 29, 2012

Aidiladha 2012 in Shah Alam

Dear Diary,

This year’s Aidiladha came and went quietly. Though thousands made their balik kampung trips, the celebration was generally a modest one throughout the nation. We didn’t go back to either Kedah or Kelantan. Our Aidiladha was a very simple affair at Abah’s house.

The day started with solat raya at a nearby mosque, followed by a sumptuous big brunch of nasi hujan panas, sambal sotong, ayam goreng berempah, acar timun, lemang, rendang daging, nasi impit and kuah kacang and ended with watching television.

Tengok tu...sorang pegang PSP, sorang pegang remote Astro
Letih main, letih gaduh....tertidur 3 beradik

Nevertheless, what’s more important is that the festivity was celebrated among loved ones.

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