Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Genting Indoor Theme Park, May 2012

Dear Diary,

During Labor Day holiday, we made a day trip up to Genting. It was a spur of the moment trip, an impromptu decision. Saja melarikan diri ke puncak untuk menikmati cuaca dingin. We just wanted to spend a few hours of excitement at Genting Indoor Theme Park.

As soon as we arrived, we straightaway went to The Kopitiam Food Hall to fill up our stomachs. Then, we hit the games arcades at Vision City – a video games park. We didn’t go on any rides at all instead we just played all sorts of video games. There are lots to try out you know!

The fun part was there are video games that reward the player with tickets. So, pulun la si bapa dan anak-anak dok kumpul tiket as many as possible. To make it sweeter, you can redeem things from all the tickets that you get. So, before we called it a day or night more precisely, we redeemed all our tickets at Ticket Eater machine. The machine will give out a receipt with total tickets collected.

Then, we made another stop at this one shop called Gallery something. You can only redeem your gifts at this shop. First, you have to convert all your tickets’ total to monetary value. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it by yourself. The shop assistant will calculate for you the conversion. The amount from the conversion is the monetary value that you can spend. If a merchandise that you like worth more than the value, you have to top up the difference.

The trick is almost 95% merchandise sold at the shop is expensive. Very cunning marketing strategy! Like in our case, all together our tickets totaled 1456 which was converted to RM42. Jenuh budak-budak ni pusing kedai cari barang equivalent to that amount. Finally, they settled for Faber Castell color pencils (24 units) and Faber Castell Complete Creative Set (stationery set). Still, we had to add a few more ringgit. No more days of “winning” teddy bear or plush toys freely, well at least here it was a thing of the past. Pandai depa buat duit!

Since we were already up there, for sure I’d want to meet my lovely sister and her husband. Somehow, Hubby missed the junction to her workplace and drove straight into road back to KL. Unfortunately, it’s a one way road! Leka bersembang nilah jadinya.

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