Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Outing to Sunway Pyramid

Dear Diary,

Sunway Pyramid mascots
During one September weekend, we had another family outing at Sunway Pyramid. This time around, we were very lucky because we got to watch Malaysia Day celebration organized by Sunway Pyramid. It was quite a pleasant surprise since we didn’t have any idea that there was going to be a festival.

As we were admiring the decorations at one of the concourse areas, dragon dance music can be heard loudly in the air. Its catchy rhythm attracted our attention to search for the source of the music. All of a sudden, a green dragon troupe came descending the escalator.

Wait, there were another 4 lion dance troupes following the dragon. By this time, Imran and Zarra were already ecstatic with joy. Irfan on the other hand clung tightly to Hubby because he’s scared of the loud music.

It did not stop there, next came down a group of kompang players. The air was filled with kompang sounds.

The atmosphere was not yet calm down from the kompang sounds when we heard Indian drums’ beatings. Wow, upbeat sound of Bangra music was being played by a group of young Indian lads.

It was a very good exposure to Imran and Zarra. They asked a lot of questions regarding the music. I hope they learned something. 1 Malaysia Night indeed it was!

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