Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Akad Nikah

Dear Diary,

(continued from The Preparations)
This is it! The day finally arrived. I woke up early in the morning as it would take some time to get ready for the big ceremony. The akad nikah ceremony would be carry out in the morning around 10am at Masjid Rafeah, Taman Uda attended by family members from both bride and groom sides. I wore a modern cream colored lacy baju kurung with gold organza selendang and put on a very minimal make up.

30th June 2001 will be forever etched in my mind because on that day at exactly 10.02am I became somebody’s wife. Tears welled up in my eyes as the Imam pronounced the akad nikah is sah. It symbolizes the dawn of a new chapter in my life. After this I would be known first and foremost as Mr. F’s wife not as my father’s daughter anymore. It was as if there was a gap suddenly exists between me and my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still my parents’ daughter and always will but it just would not be the same anymore. Do you guys get what I’m trying to say? Oh well, maybe the emotions were playing tricks on me and got me all messed up.
On the other hand, I’d also get a whole new family. Both my in laws came from big families (father in law – 12 siblings, mother in law – 11 siblings + 5 half siblings). Imagine the countless names and faces that I would have to know and remember…I survived yea!!

After recital of doa ended, Mr. F slipped a diamond ring onto my finger and handed me the mas kahwin which was neatly arranged in an album. Then, he kissed my forehead after I salam his hand.
ps: to be continued in The Wedding (Bride)

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Syamin said...

kuar da gambar lama semua :D
i punya gambar buruk daaa dulu mana la ada lagi soft copy ek

Zaidah M said...

We went shopping for your tudung nikah together, remember? Satu KL kita jalan. Last2 jumpa kat BB Plaza :)

Unaizah said...

ermayum - mana da soft copy la. unai amik lagi sekali gambar2 lama tu dgn digital camera.

zaidah - yup, still remember dear. punya la jenuh kita carik, last-last jumpa kat bb.