Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Early Surprises....!

Dear Diary,
I got an early surprise for my anniversary. A week before the actual date, Hubby came home and tadaaa presented me with a brand new Acer laptop. I was so touched. It was a 2-in-1 present for my birthday and anniversary. Semakin bersemangat le nak blogging hehe...

Since he gave me the present early, I also shyly gave him his 2-in-1 present. Mine was nothing compared to his gift. I bought him a set of Burberry perfume. What’s special about my present was that it was bought in Abu Dhabi (I asked my steward cousin to do me a favor).

Since we are on the topic of surprises, Hubby blew me away with another surprise on my birthday. We didn't make any plans because we already celebrated a 3-in-1 dinner at Italiannies. So, you can imagine my feelings when he brought home a Secret Recipe cake for us to indulge. Thanks sayang....

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