Monday, July 5, 2010

Girls Will Be Girls

Dear Diary,

These are pictures of my beloved second child. Nowadays, she’s into girls stuff….make-up, accessories, handbags, looking pretty. The magic words to get her attention are, “Zarra nak cantik tak?”
If she knows where you keep your make-up, beware that will be the first place she’ll attack. Her grandmother (my mother in law) had to move her make-up around a few times already. As for me, my handbag is her place to look for my lipstick because my make-up case is a 'Don't Touch' area for her.

Funny thing is my daughter is only 2 years old. Nobody teaches her to like all these stuffs. It just comes naturally. She can be very obedient and patient when she’s being dolled up. Well, I guess girls will always be girls.
A piece of advice from Mama, “Dear, inner beauty shines from within and with a sincere heart, you’ll always be beautiful.”

2 notes of inspiration:

ERMAYUM said...

her beauty comes from u la heheh
inner and outer heheh

tgn montok2 gerammmmmm

unaizah said...

cantik ke? hehe... tp unai kecik-kecik dulu kurus je n rambut pun straight. ramai yg kata muka cam muka unai.