Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Durian + Rabbit = Fun! Fun! Fun!

Dear Diary,

This post is long overdue because my family took this trip during the first week of July. We were invited by Mr. Ong to his father’s orchard to eat durian. The 10 acre orchard is situated in Broga, a rustic town on the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. It is a little further than Semenyih. I’ve never been farther than Semenyih (if using Kajang old road). We enjoyed picturesque greenery along the way. The town also boasts of Broga Hill, a tourist spot and University of Nottingham branch campus.

When we arrived at Happy Fruit Land, Ermayum and her family were already there enjoying the durians. It didn’t take long before we were also feasting on the yummy king of fruits. The durians were superlicious (sedap berlemak!) with thick and tender flesh. We also had rambutans.

The children had a blast playing among themselves and learning a thing or two about fruit trees and animals. Before we said goodbye, Mr. Ong gave us some durians and rambutans to bring home. So, for dinner we had pulut durian….mmm.

On the way back, we couldn’t resist making another stop for the kids. We visited Rabbit Fun Land. My two angels had a wonderful time running around feeding the rabbits. There are also other animals such as horses, mouse deers, birds and goats. It’s like a mini zoo and both Imran and Zarra love it. There is also a restaurant that serves rabbit meat but we didn’t try it out.

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