Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Would You Do?

Dear Diary,

What would you do if…

Your one year old child throws stones from your 9th floor apartment and successfully created a 1 cm hole on a Proton Wira’s front mirror and cracked its rear mirror. Perfect targets!!! Maybe he’d grow up to be a pro bowler or archer one day.

What did I do?

I cried, called Hubby, inspected the damages, said sorry to the owner (who is a kind Chinese lady phew!), promised to bear all repair charges and cried again. Yes, in this exact order!

We ended RM1300 ‘poorer’ for this incident.

The many faces of Syahir Irfan

To quote Hubby’s uncle’s words, “Ala, Long, baru RM1300. Dio doh bowi ke Long bapo banyok doh sejak lahey.” (This is in Kelantanese slang which loosely means Allah has bestowed us with many more rezeki since Irfan's birth compared to that RM1300)

7 notes of inspiration:

Lady Lavender said...

ahaa..perfect target! Ngikut jejak ayah dia main bowling kot (based on ur previous entry:P)

Naz said...

At the end of the day, it's only money ...
... but semput lah juga bila ingatkan apa yang Mak dia boleh beli with those RM1300 tu kan? ;D

Take care, hun :)
Hugs to the little one.

Asmara said...

alamak kak unai, hihi.. nk buat camno dah anak kan. mula2 x faham apa maksud uncle tu ckp, berulang2 kali baca, baru la faham sikit. tp maksud tersirat tu faham kot. hehe..

sw33T MOm... said...

what does ur uncle quote means x faham la.. hehehe..

Unaizah said...

Lady Lavender - Memang perfect kak!! Manalah tahu nanti besar blh jadi mcm Shalinkan, Amin.

Naz - Hahahahaha macam-macam Mak dia blh beli tambah-tambah we're in the middle of moving into our own apartment ni.... Postpone kitchen cabinet, leather sofa, bed, etc.

As - Tu la As, nak buat camna. Nak marah, kecik lagi tak tahu apa satupun. Think positive dgn cakap uncle tu.

sw33T MOm - Hihihi....dia cakap loghat kelantan. Maksudnya cuma RM1300 tp dah banyak rezeki yg Allah bagi kpd kami sejak Irfan lahir.

Ermayum said...

exactly banyak dah dia bagi kan Irfan heheh :) insyaAllah dia ni terror baling2 ni nak jadi atlet wakil mesia

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Alhamdulillah....memang tak putus rezeki. Alang-alang nak jadi atlit, biar jadi pro.