Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Restoran Paradise Palace, Sogo, Aug 2011

Dear Diary,

Whenever we shop at Sogo, most of the times we’d eat at its food court on the 6th floor. However, during our raya shopping last August, we expected the place would be overcrowded so we decided to try an eatery located on the same floor, Restoran Paradise Palace.

Before starting our hunting for kids’ raya clothes, we ordered our food in advance so it would be ready by iftar. We made a very wise decision because the food court was congested with people indeed at break fast time. It would had been uncomfortable should we break fast there what with 3 active children in tow.

Chicken Cashew Nut

Steamed whole Fish with Chef Special Hot & Sour Sauce

Squid Salad

Paradise Palace's Special Hot Prawn

We ordered Set B of the menu that comprised of 4 glasses of Sparkling Juice, Chicken Cashew Nut, Steamed whole Fish with Chef Special Hot & Sour Sauce, Squid Salad, Paradise Palace’s Special Hot Prawn, Fried Baby Kailan, Shan Tomyam (Chicken) and Steamed Fragrance Rice. On top of that, we also ordered one Fried Rice for Mr. Fussy Imran.

Fried Baby Kailan

Shan Tomyam (Chicken)

Fried Rice

Oh my, there were a lot of foods on the table. That’s what happened when you ordered food with an empty stomach. Everything looked tempting. Fortunately, they were all satisfyingly tasty.

Another smart move we took that day was taking the LRT instead of driving to Sogo. If not, we would have to brave this massive traffic jam. The jam did not even recede by the time we left Sogo at about 10 pm something.

Address: Paradise Palace Sdn Bhd. Lot 6-1, 6th Floor, Sogo (KL) Department Store, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. Telephone number: 03 – 2694 2175, 2694 2166. Fax number: 03 – 2694 2193.

4 notes of inspiration:

Lady Lavender said...

aiyaa...part makan2 kat luar ni sungguh buat kita jeles hiihii....anyway good for sharing. mana tau kot2 balik nanti boleh jadi guide kami nak pi makan2 kat luar (hehe...mcm le dah nak balik!)

Chik Att said...

lama tul tak sampai sogo ....

maya amir said...

terus lapar perut i..;) *phew*

Unaizah said...

Lady Lavender - Alaaa jgn la jeles. Nak tunjuk masakan sendiri, apakan daya saya tak pandai masak sangat. Entry jalan-jalan cari makan camni utk rujukan saya jugak hihihi...

Chik Att - Saya wajib ke Sogo utk shopping raya :) tp kenalah pasrah org yg beribu & parking yg susah nak dapat.

Maya - Teruslah cari makanan isi perut yg lapar tu :D