Monday, December 5, 2011

Buffet, anyone?

Dear Diary,

Is it a trend nowadays to break fast at hotels or posh restaurants? For me who seldom break fast outside, it’s truly an awakening to see most of the places that offer Ramadan buffet are fully booked. All the hotels that we went were full of people. Just a decade ago if I’m not mistaken, Ramadan buffet was not a norm. It was no unheard of but more for the rich and elite.

From my observation, we Malaysians are like a group of piranhas where buffet is concerned. At all Ramadan buffets that we went I witnessed how people “wrestle” as if the food would finish. The last time I checked, buffet spread is replenished once food are not much left or finish. To my horror, even my children were pushed by some people who were impatience to fill up their plates. I don’t know about you guys but to me that’s rude. Are these examples we want to inculcate in young children?

Another obvious thing is that people would stack up their plates like there is no tomorrow. How many pieces of the same chicken dish or slices of the same cake one person can eat at one go. Why everybody seems so greedy? Even if we love something so much, there’s only so much we can swallow. More often than not, there would be so much leftover on plates in the end. Some were even untouched!!! Imagine how many poor people all those untouched food can feed.

In retrospect, some people are really in need of social etiquette lessons. We should teach our young ones to be more socially responsible not just in buffet line but also in every aspect of life.

~~ Adab sopan budaya kitakan ~~

2 notes of inspiration:

Zaidah M said...

Kan? i just cannot comprehend why people do not just take what they can eat. So membazir!

Unaizah said...

Zaidah - You get my point hihihi. Diorang isi pinggan macam tak ingat dunia. Kalau blh habis, by all means silakan fill up your plates tp sifat tamak tu yg lebih selalunya. Bab berebut toksah cakap la.