Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flaming Steamboat Buffet, Bandar Sunway, May 2011

Dear Diary,

Last May, we had dual celebrations - my mother in law’s birthday and mother’s day, at Flaming Steamboat Buffet, Sunway. This restaurant, which is located near Sunway Pyramid, is famous for its steamboat buffet and almost always packs with customers. The address is No 123 & 124, Jalan PS 11/2, Spectrum Shops, Bandar Sunway. If you’re coming from KL, turn left after Sunway Pyramid. There is a petrol station (Esso if I remember correctly) nearby. Telephone number (03) 5633 6820.

The spread

The sauces

At RM20 something per person, it’s very cheap considering the spread is plentiful. There are also lots of choices for your steamboat. Besides steamboat, there are also ice cream, chocolate fondue, noodles, fried rice and dishes (lauk). The place was packed when we were there. Luckily we made a reservation. Still, we had to “fight” for the food and the steamboat’s ingredients.

The drinks

The desserts

However, I beg to differ because the foods there are not to my liking. Both tomyam and clear soups were bland and the foods were nothing to shout about. In fact, the wantan that I ate was hard. I don’t know was it the chef’s bad day or the foods there just taste like that.

Feel free to check Flaming Steamboat's website.

2 notes of inspiration:

Zakian Sulhi said...

ramai dah kawan2 p. tp xpenah mendapat peluang nk p. haha

Unaizah said...

Kian - Bagi kakak tak best la food dia. Tak sedap!! Sup steamboat dua-dua pun tak best. Tp penuh je kedai dia.