Thursday, August 11, 2011

Irfan's First Cinema Experience

Dear Diary,

A few months back, I bought 6 TGV tickets at The deal was 45% off for 1 pair of TGV movie tickets @ TGV cinemas for only RM15 instead of RM28. It’s a bargain for moviegoers, right!

Two tickets had been used watching Transformers so I’ve got another 4 discounted TGV tickets to finish off before Ramadan arrived; 2 tickets to watch at Jusco Bukit Raja and the remaining 2 at Sunway Pyramid. Hubby and I decided to take turn watching the movie. One of us will watch a movie with Imran and Zarra while the other one will look after Irfan.

However life sometimes doesn’t turn out as plan. As we were approaching the ticket counter, both of us got an idea to watch Harry Potter together. It’s Harry Potter we’re talking about here eh. We decided to bring everybody inside the theater since Irfan is dozing off. Lucky for us because we watched the movie around Irfan’s napping time. As soon as we entered the theater, Irfan’s eyes were huge looking at the screen fascinated with the images and sounds. Half an hour into the movie, he started to get restless and sleepy. I put him to sleep soon after and he slept all through the movie with occasional stirring. And I managed to enjoy Harry Potter. Even Zarra enjoyed the movie without any tantrum.

Am I selfish? Do I fail as a mother for bringing Irfan as young as 9 months old into a cinema? If that’s the case, then I’m guilty as charged!

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Zakian Sulhi said...

ehh? dah tgk? huhu,, best kan!!

Unaizah said...

Dah tengok dah...5 sekeluarga hahahaha. Best!!! Rasa puas betul after tengok, mcm it's a closure.

ps: Irfan pun tengok Harry Potter gak Pak Su

Ermayum said...

xda lahh i biasa bawak as long as they tak meragam kita tak ganngu orng but sometime bila xda luck they turned cracky kena la bangun keluar tenangkan they all sebab tak nak orng marah kan baby nangis bising

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Unai rasa guilty sgt sebab bawak Irfan masuk wayang. Kecik-kecik dah ajar camtu. Ni parents Fadley tak tahu, if not sure diorang mengamuk. Lega to know that you and other parents ada gak yg bawak babies tengok wayang.

Salina Rahman said...

Hi kak! Sorry, nak komen sikit.
Saya pernah keje la dalam industri cinema ni.
Usually kalau nak bawak budak2 bawah 6 tahun masuk, cinema selalunya tak kisah sangat asalkan movie tu bukan 18 la.
Tapi sebagai parents, kesian dengan budak2 sebab sound system cinema kuat, takut rosak eardrums budak2 apatah lagi baby.
Itu je la ya.. bab nangis2 dalam cinema tu, asalkan parents tu bawak budak keluar ok lagi. Cuma risau gegendang telinga mereka masih lagi fragile untuk sound system cinema yang memang kuat.
Itu je la ya, pandangan saya. Maaf kalau menganggu...

Unaizah said...

Salina Rahman - Terima kasih sudi give your opinion. Akak memang rasa guilty bawak masuk baby tengok wayang, sian dia. Too early to expose them. Before this akak ada pembantu, so memang tinggal tak penah bawak sekali tengok wayang. Tp now dah takde, tah la dik. Hope i didn't do any serious damage to my children.