Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cupcake Chic

Dear Diary,

Look what Hubby brought home – CUPCAKE CHIC. Thanks to Zarra who can’t stop talking about cupcake after watching DC Cupcake a couple of months ago.

My verdict – The taste is not as “chic” as its exterior is. The outer form looked so appealing with all the icing decoration but they are just that – decoration. The cake below is nothing to shout about. Although the fancy icing on top comes in various colors and forms, there are mostly two types of cakes below (chocolate and vanilla, I guess) with a few exception. I like the one with slices of apple on top best. To be fair, since Hubby was the one who bought it, I don’t know how many more flavors there is. To add salt to the wound, they are costly. RM51 for a dozen of cupcakes!!

In the end, both Hubby and I had to finish everything because the kids don’t like it much.

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4 notes of inspiration:

maya amir said...

cup cake ni, kalau cake die sedap, maka, sume jadik sedap kan:)

Unaizah said...

Maya - Betul tu. Kalau kek biasa-biasa je, semua pun jadi biasa-biasa je.

Ermayum said...

if i eat this this , ill wipe off the cream - tak suka :)

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Unai ada topping yg suka, ada yg tak. Dulu kecik-kecik memang tak makan langsung cream atas kek tp now dah belajar makan. Tp if tak suka, Unai buang gak.