Monday, January 30, 2012

Dome KLCC, Sept 2011

Dear Diary,

Tired from walking around KLCC, we decided to have some drinks and desserts. I, personally, wanted to have Starbucks’ ice blended but looking at the long queue, I quickly dismissed my intention. As an alternate choice, we opted for Dome which is just next door to Starbucks.

Chilled out at Dome by having these:

Brownie with Ice Cream - mine (yummy!)

Marble Cheesecake - Hubby’s (tasty but I like Secret Recipe’s more)

Banana Cupcake - Zarra’s (a bit dry to my taste)

Fries - the boys’

Coffee Twister - mine

Caramel Nut Crunch - Hubby’s

Chocolate Shake - Imran’s

While relaxing and eating, both Hubby and I looked at people walking by. Boy, all kinds of passerby can be found in KLCC. Malaysia has become a melting pot for people from all every corner of the world over the years.

Dome Cafe Malaysia's website - for more info...

3 notes of inspiration:

Chik Att said...

huhhh pengsan.....

kucingorengemok said...

wah, bertahun tak makan kat sini... chicken pie dia sedaaaapp! (dulu la, now tak tahu)

Unaizah said...

Chik Att - Apa-apapun makan dulu, lepaih tu baru pengsan :)

Kucingorengemok - Tu la first time makan kat Dome. Takpe lain kali kalau TERsinggah Dome lagi, akan try chicken pie. Eh, Dome KLCC je ke yg sedap chicken pie tu or mana-mana outlet pun sedap?