Monday, January 23, 2012

Imran's Praying

Dear Diary,

Sejuk hati ni bila anak ajak solat. That was exactly how I felt when Imran asked me to pray Zohor with him one afternoon. Praise for Allah the Almighty.

One of many goals I set for myself a few months back is teaching Imran to pray. No, no, I’m not the type of person who makes resolution during new year. I constantly set goals for myself; short term and long term goals. It’s a method of challenging me and striving to achieve something in my life.

Pakai seluar pendek tapi bawah lutut takpe kan ^_^

Okay, back to my intention for Imran to pray diligently. Last year, we had been very lenient with him (he turned 7 in November). But this year no more, we’re taking the high road. After about a month, I’m proud to say so far so good. Alhamdulillah! Even though at times he’s a bit liat (resistance) but in the end he performs his responsibility.

He already memorizes a few surahs which makes things easier. He has a few more citations in praying to learn. Though his solat is far from perfect what with moving here and there, looking everywhere, talking, daydreaming I commend his determination to learn. Apart from doa and surah, I also must emphasize to him about manners in performing solat.

When working with children, a lot of explanations are needed because they are inquisitive in nature. Imran is no exception. He has hundreds of questions. I have to be very careful with my explanation because I am very afraid I would give wrong information or interpretation. Moreover, I don’t want to scare him or make him feel burden. My ultimate goal is for Imran to perform solat willingly with a sincere heart and a clear mind. Also, I want him to pray not because of me or Hubby but because of Allah.

Words of advice for you dear: Mama doakan abang tak tinggal solat no matter what. Solat tu tiang agama. Kalau tiangnya rapuh, habis musnah dan hanyutlah yang lainnya.

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