Saturday, January 28, 2012


Dear Diary,

I’ve watched Tangled at least three times a few weeks ago, maybe more. Every time we chanced upon it over Fox Movie Premium (Astro Channel 413), we’d stuck to it and watched it until the end. The kids of course love it and dear old me is also attracted to watch it again and again as if it has a magnetic pull.

My all time favorite Disney movie has been Beauty and the Beast. After watching Tangled, it comes close to wrestle the title from Beauty. Only the songs set both movies apart. All the lovely songs in Beauty and the Beast give the film an upper hand.

Back to Tangled now. It’s definitely a feel good movie. A Disney film, what do you expect! Tangled is a fairy-tale twist of Rapunzel. Directed by Byron Howard and Nathan Greno, the film uses voices of Mandy Moore (Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (Eugene/Flynn Rider) and Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel).

Rapunzel with her looooong golden hair is put away on a very high tower far far away from humanity. Influenced by all bad stories told by her mother, Mother Gothel, she actually believes it’s for her own good that she should be confined in the tower. So for 18 years, her world revolves inside the tower and around her mother. Without Rapunzel knowing, Mother Gothel is keeping her lock up for her own selfish reason. She wants to stay young forever. She’s actually a witch (remember, this is a Disney movie ^_^) who kidnapped Rapunzel from her real parents.

However, their quiet and protected life together turns into chaos when Flynn Rider, an outlaw, accidentally enters the tower while running away from palace guards. After some bargaining, Rapunzel’s adventure into the outside world begins. From here, the story gets more interesting.

The climax of the film is when Rapunzel confronts Mother Gothel about her real parents and she lost her golden hair. As in all fairy tales, Tangled ends with a happy ending. Again, it’s a DISNEY movie hahaha!

What I love most about Tangled is its extraordinary beautiful 3D characters. The animation closely depicts real human; body language, hair movement, etc. So damn believable!

* Picture courtesy from Yahoo! Movies

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