Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't Quit

Dear Diary,


Is that what you want to do?
Anybody can do that.
Takes no talent.
Takes no guts.
It's exactly what your adversaries hope you will do.
Get your facts straight.
Know what you're talking about.
And keep going.
In the 1948 Presidential election, the nation's leading political reporters all predicted Harry Truman would lose.
He won.
Winston Churchill said, "Never give in."
"Never. Never."
Sir Winston stuck his chin out and wouldn't quit.
Try sticking out your chin.
Don't give up.

Ps: It's easier said than done right? Nevertheless, just believe Allah wouldn't bless us with anything that we couldn't handle. Just have faith...

* A message as published in the Wall Street Journal by United Technologies Corporation

2 notes of inspiration:

ICA said...

Unai, soo true. Easier said than done...especially when you are stuck with something that you don't like...or hate doing, to quit would be the easiest option kan...

Unaizah said...

Ica - Yup dear!! The easiest thing to do when we're facing hurdles in our lives is just to quit. But then what kind of life would that be right?