Monday, April 23, 2012


Dear Diary,

I’ve mentioned before that Hubby does not like to watch Malay movie in cinema. Tunggu masuk tv je katanya. That’s why I have watched movies alone before. Imagine my surprise when he wanted to watch Azura on the silver screen. Ni sure sebab Neelofa! I was not fussy so I just agreed.

Azura, a film directed and produced by Aziz M. Osman, takes quite a risk in introducing two young and upcoming actors in leading roles; Shahz Jaszle as Zack and Neelofa as Azura. They nevertheless are not too disappointing and portray convincing acting as foes, lovers and finally husband and wife. Besides them, there are also Afdlin Shauki as Tan Sri Putih, Erma Fatima as Mak Su, Marlini or Nini as Wanda and Afida Es as Nek Wan.

Revolving along the same storyline as a previous movie with the same title but this movie adds some twists using modern lifestyle scenario. Its storyline is basically like this boy meets girl, falls in love and pursues her. The girl resists at first but gives in to her heart finally. Coming from two different backgrounds, they complement each other and their love grows stronger.

In the film, Azura is an intelligent strong will woman who has principles. Being an orphan does help molding her into an independent lady and becoming a survivor. Zack, on the other hand, is a typical spoil brat snobbish man. He lives his life carefree disregarding his responsibilities. Among all casts, there is one lady who attracts my attention, Marlini or Nini. She is Wanda (Zack’s sister), acts convincingly as an arrogant scheming bitch!

One can’t help but comparing both films. This is strictly my opinion. The previous Azura (1984) was a trendsetter i.e. rempit culture and fashion sense. It triggered phenomena in the society. While current Azura (2012) portrays what’s presently happening everywhere. Personally, this Azura is boring for me. It’s just a simple remake of a glorious film but without the extra oomph like its predecessor.

Ps: Neelofa is one beautiful actress! With striking eyes and perfect body cutting, even I cannot take my eyes off of her (^__^) …sekadar mengagumi ciptaan Allah.

4 notes of inspiration:

Chik Att said...

ada gak tengok kat ..... tapi tak feel mcm tahun 80an dulu ..

Unaizah said...

Chik Att - Memang tak sama langsung feelnya :D

Ermayum said...

AMboi En Fadly tak sanggka eh minat cik heroins - jelos unai :)

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - instinct tells me sebab Neelofa la dia nak sangat tengok cite ni kat panggung. Kalau tak, berchenta la nak tengok filem melayu kat panggung.