Sunday, April 1, 2012

Restoran Soto Shah Alam, Jan 2012

Dear Diary,
After enjoying lion dance performance, we walked around the mall, took a breather with Big Apple and then went back home. On our way home, we stopped for dinner. Since we just recently moved to Shah Alam, we’re still in experimentation period of trying out eateries that are to our liking. So far, there are already a few restaurants that we like that we already visit more than once.
One restaurant we checked out was Restoran Soto Shah Alam. Coincidentally, we were in that area and saw it and thought why not give it a try. The restaurant is huge. It takes up 4 doors of shop houses! I ordered Soto. Befitting its name, its soto is delicious. Even Irfan likes it.
Soto - yummy
Sup Sayur – yummy
Nasi Goreng Thai
Roti Canai

Location: Section 8, Shah Alam (back row of shop houses from 7 Eleven Section 8).

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