Monday, May 21, 2012

Foods at Jonker Street

Dear Diary,

(continuation from Jonker Street, Melaka, Feb 2012)
Besides merchandise, there are also foods and beverages being sold in Jonker Street. Some ordinary, some weird, some fascinating!

Durian Crispy Roll stall selling 3 types of kuih made with durian as main ingredient. There are durian ball, fried durian popia and durian crispy roll. All types priced at RM5 for every 3 pieces.

Of all 3, I found the fried durian popia as the tastiest!

Pagoda Potato stall selling potato chips on a stick. Though it's only potato but the presentation is appealing especially to children. Adding to that, there are various flavors to choose from original, black pepper, chili, cheese and mayonnaise. You can even mix flavors to suit your taste bud. Prices are RM3 per stick or RM5 for 2 sticks.

Believe me, there are more foods can be found in Jonker Street. There are also numerous restaurants and cafes serving variety of items on their menus. You wouldn't go home empty stomached!

ps: to be continued in Buildings in Jonker Street

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