Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jonker Street - A Night To Remember

Dear Diary,

(continuation from Buildings in Jonker Street)
We ended our fabulous night with a trishaw ride. Ni kes tak larat nak jalan gi kereta sebenarnya. Trishaws used nowadays are lavishly decorated and brightly lighted. Some even have audio system blasting off popular songs for the entire ride. My trishaw cycler was very friendly. During the ride, he acted as our unofficial tour guide pointing out places of interests and telling a bit of history here and there. For RM25 per trishaw, it's reasonable because the route taken was quite far. Dengan kudrat dia mengayuh lagi.

This day trip (Port Dickson & Jonker Street) was probably one of Hubby’s crazy ideas. I was skeptical when he announced his surprise and objected simply because we’re traveling with kids. We had spent half a day at the beach. The kids were exhausted. Knowing Jonker Street would be crowded with people, I didn’t want the kids to get cranky and act up. It would spoil the mood.

Alhamdulillah, we had a great time there. Maybe I gave my kids too little credit. They surprised me by behaving well under the circumstances and even soaked in the festive mood emanating everywhere in the atmosphere. The only complaint they had was of hunger.

All well ends well! It was one hell of an incredible time we shared.

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