Thursday, May 17, 2012

Port Dickson, Feb 2012

Dear Diary,

What would a trip to Port Dickson be without a visit to the beach? In fact, the reason we went to PD in the first place was the beach. So, off we went to finding a picnic spot after savoring ayam panggang.

We finally found a perfect picnic spot a little bit further than Teluk Kemang. Mind you, there were many people around as it was public holiday but it was still bearable. There are shops and vendors selling all kinds of things from food and beverages to beach wears and souvenirs. The sea is not crystal clear or pristine but hey it’s as good as you can get in the West Coast AND more importantly within a short distance from Klang Valley. Water recreation facilities such as parachute, banana boat and jet ski are also available.

We “rented” a spot. For RM20, we got a huge umbrella, two plastic stools, two lounging chairs and a plastic table. You can use it as long as you want.

On the opposite side of our picnic spot, there are shower rooms and toilets. It is operated by a Chinese couple. My guess is the building with a restaurant in front and shower rooms & toilets at the side is their home. They diversify their business by providing a place to shower. How business minded they are in generating income. Shower room – RM1 per person. Toilet – RM0.50 per person. They also sell soaps, tissues and towel. The shower rooms are nothing fancy, just rows of concrete cubicles (much like a horse stable) with water pipes.

6 notes of inspiration:

Asmara said...

ramai org jugak kan. sekali sekali mandi pantai pun best. :D

Chik Att said...

semenjak pindah mai utara ni.... dah lama tak sampai port dickson

maya amir said...

i tak suke tempat yg ramai org mcm teluk kemang tu..heheh..i penah pegi masa cuti sek..ya ampun ramainye org, sampai i jadi bad mood..kat melaka pun i penah terkena..kalau nak gi tenang2, kene pilih bukan wantu cuti sekolah/cuti umum..tapi anak2 plak kene ponteng..haishh, camne tu..hehe

Unaizah said...

As - Ramai gak la tp takde la sampai "suffocate" hihi. Still bearable, tak berasak-asak. Satu je leceh mandi pantai ni sebab badan melekit.

Chik Att - Takpa pantai belah utara pun banyak. Penang pulau ada, Langkawi ada, Pangkor ada, etc.

Maya - Kalau gi tempat famous & time cuti sekolah pulak, alamat laut nampak sayup je sebab terlindung dgn kepala orang. Try gi pantai belah pantai timur. Akak rasa situation is not that bad.

Lady Lavender said...

balik cuti2 mesia aritu kami spent 3D/2N kat PD...anak2 macam jakun aje mandi pantai hiihi..

Unaizah said...

Lady Lavender - Anak-anak akak beruntung. Dapat rasa the best of both worlds. Their lives are enriched by these experiences.