Saturday, May 26, 2012

Restoran Lagenda 17, Shah Alam, Feb 2012

Dear Diary,

Any soccer fans among you readers out there? Does the name Zainal Abidin Hassan sound familiar? Zainal Abidin Hassan is a famous football star in the 80s and 90s. Declared as one of the best footballer in Malaysia’s sports history, he started his career by playing for Selangor FA. A striker to be reckoned with in his golden days, he represented Malaysia in several tournaments. Retired from playing soccer professionally, he now focuses on coaching.

A few years back, Zainal Abidin ventured into business by opening a restaurant named Restoran Lagenda 17 in Shah Alam. There’s a story behind his restaurant’s name. Number 17 holds significant meaning in Zainal’s life. It is his jersey’s number hence his lucky number. One fine afternoon, after done with grocery and picked up Imran from school, we went and had lunch there.

When we were there, he was in. The legend himself welcomed customers, took orders and even cleared tables. Down to earth, isn’t he? He greeted my children. I wanted to snap picture with him but was too shy. Hubby was of no help either.

The restaurant is adorned with everything football. It’s something out of the ordinary, right? There are newspaper clippings, photos, coaching method and jerseys on display.

Roasted Hainanese Chicken Rice

Nasi Goreng Menangis

Nasi Goreng Lagenda (no veggie)

So, if you’re a die hard fan of Zainal Abidin, do drop by and check out his restaurant. If you’re lucky, he’d be around.

Address:  85, Jalan Snuker 13/28, Tadisma Business Park, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor. Telephone number: 03 – 5523 7717.

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Ermayum said...

pedas sangat ke sampai menangis? :)

Unaizah said...

Ermayum - For us, tak la pedas sangat. Still bearable hihihihi.