Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nasi Arab Taif, Kota Damansara, Mar 2012

Dear Diary,

Middle Eastern cuisine is rapidly making way into Malaysian eating scene. This can be seen by Arabic restaurants mushrooming everywhere. I, who like to eat, more than welcome this development. It means more choices for us.

We enjoyed scrumptious meals at Al Diafah and Tarbush before. Another Arabic eating place that we visited recently was Nasi Arab Taif in Kota Damansara. We’ve patronized this restaurant a few times before but I never snapped pictures or made any entry about it. Asyik miss je!

Actually, I wanted to eat nasi mandy but it already finished when we arrived. It’d take some time before another batch was ready to be served. That was why I decided to try kabsa. All in all, it was a pleasant experience for all of us.

Grill Chicken Half + Bread (yummy), Hummus with Bread

Lamb Kabsa (small), Chicken Kabsa (regular). Both yummy. Lamb & chicken so tender.

Sirap, Apple Juice, Mango Juice & Tea Arab. Teh tu ada rasa herbs tp bukan rasa pudina.

I don’t have the exact address of this restaurant but it is situated at a shop house opposite Giant Kota Damansara.

2 notes of inspiration:

Chik Att said...

tak tercapai2 lagi nak makan nasi arab ni ...

Unaizah said...

Chik Att - Kat penang banyak nasi kandaq ja. Mai la jalan belah sini, blh try makan nasi arab lak.

ps: Ish, terasa nak makan nasi kandaq pulak dah.