Monday, June 18, 2012

The Woman In Black

Dear Diary,

I was tricked into watching The Woman In Black. Hubby told us to get ready to go out for a movie one day. He also said that tickets were already bought and the film that we were going to watch was a horror film. I was petrified! A horror movie! With kids some more! He coolly reasoned that all other movies were sold out. When we arrived at TGV Jusco Bukit Tinggi, I quickly scanned other films being screened and I could surely say there were other movies still available for us to watch. Ni mesti kes Hubby nak tengok cerita hantu. Tiket dah beli, nak tak nak redah je la.

The Woman In Black is directed by James Watkins with Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps in lead role. This film, sets in an era gone by, focuses on Arthur Kipps, a young father to a 4 year old son who lost his wife to childbirth. He terribly pines for his wife to the extent of taking his own life. However, he must go on for the sake of his only child.

Kipps, who is a lawyer, is having financial problems. To make matters worse, his job is also at stake. As a last chance, his employer instructed him to go to one remote village to conclude a will case. He arrives safely there but the village folks wouldn’t cooperate. Even the local lawyer isn’t much of a help. It seems that everyone wants him out of there as soon as possible. He is baffled!

For him to finish his job, he must go to Eel Marsh estate. While doing his job, he accidentally unravels the village kept secret behind all children’s tragic deaths. Apparently there’s a connection between Eel Marsh and the deaths. There’s a black lady ghost who is vehemently luring children to taking their own lives. The secret he stumbled upon ties up everything.

Kipps is one persevere man for he continues doing his job despite all hurdles he faces, the uncooperative villagers, the ghostly sightings, the creepy happenings, etc. Even after knowing about the secret, he still goes on and tries to solve the mystery. Well, he has no choice since his son’s life is also in jeopardy. Moreover, his job is on the line. He really needs the money. If it’s up to me, I’d stop there and then. He’s in a desperate situation, so he must complete the case no matter what.

This movie has its fair share of chilling and terrifying moments. Most of them caught you unaware. The scenes are cleverly captured to surprise you when you least expect them. The opening scene showing 3 young girls jumping to their deaths already sent chills up to my spine. One moment they’re playing happily and the next they’re on the edge of window sill ready to take the plunge. Takde angin, takde ribut!
It’s refreshing to watch Daniel Radcliffe in a different role. By the way, Radcliffe is the famous Harry Potter. In this movie, he plays a totally opposite role from Harry Potter. His maturity and acting abilities are visibly seen here.

Be prepared for an unsuspected ending. Tak puas hati betul! Come to think of it, it’s a blessing in disguise for Kipps. Maybe it’s better for him that way because all his problems are kind of solved albeit tragically with this ending.

Sources from Yahoo!Movies

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ICA said...

Unai, your little darling dah besar dah kan...kejap ja. Soo cute la diaorg ni...

Unaizah said...

Ica - Kadang-kadangkan Ica, Unai tengok depa lama-lama & think, "Hai, dah besaq anak-anak aku". Maknanya mak diorang pun dah makin tua hihihi.