Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Aidilfitri 2012 in Kelantan (3rd Raya)

Dear Diary,

Our destination on third raya was Permai Resort & Rest House in Bachok. Mak Adik organized a family gathering (Haji Abdullah's Family Gathering Syawal 1433H). 9 siblings of Abah were there with each family. All in all, there were 62 of us. Imagine the havoc!

As soon as everybody was comfortably settled in their respective rooms, nasi lemak with its companion (sambal tumis ikan bilis, sliced cucumbers, friend anchovies and peanuts) were served. There were also ketupat kacang, ketupat daging (super nice!), bubur jagung, tapai, keropok and raya biscuits.

After a short rest, everybody was all geared up to participate in the evening’s tele-match. There were games for every age category from small children to married couples. It was adorable to watch kids fighting for chairs in musical chair but it was even funnier to watch uncles and aunts trying to burst other team’s balloons.

For teenagers and young adults, there were many fun games such as catching eggs without breaking them and beach volleyball.

Everybody was looking forward to enjoying night time because more exciting events were scheduled. First on the list was barbecue dinner. There were marinated chickens, lambs, sausages and fishes to be grilled and savored with kaw homemade sauce. Other menu included mi goreng, bihun goreng, puddings and fruits.

After the sumptuous dinner, karaoke session started. While sipping hot black coffee and listening to all “singers” belted their songs, we enjoyed each others’ company and talked till midnight. Obviously, there are a handful of hidden talents in the family. Even Hubby presented a tune that night! In between songs, there was lucky draw and prize giving ceremony.

What a memorable day!

4 notes of inspiration:

maya amir said...

aaa seronoknye sis...ramai2 gi picnic kat pantai.. buat BBQ ...best giler tuh:)

anyway sis.. yg legoland tu, u dah byr entry ticket, u can play all the rides inside dah..takyah byr lagik:)

Unaizah said...

Maya - Memang best sangat la Maya!! Before this penah gi Pulau Kapas tp tak seramai ni. Dah la tu semua jenis sporting & gila-gila. Makan tak yah cakap la sebab makcik suami akak semua pandai masak.

Okaylah kalau kat dlm tak yah bayar lagi dah. Kira berbaloi la tiket masuk tu. Tp ada ex-colleague akak dah gi, dia kata better tunggu water park siap. Lagi fun!

Anonymous said...

every yr like this ka? bukan last year pulau redang ke ?


Unaizah said...

Ermayum - Takde la every year. Tak penah buat pun hahaha. 1st time ni, tu yg meriah sgt. Last year gi Pulau Kapas la. Tp that one bukan family day, just pakat-pakat nak pi bercuti sesama.